Random: Belle de Jour 2012 Planner

Since it’s already 2012, a fresh start of making new plans and adventures, pwede ba mawala ang aking favorite kikay Belle de Jour 2012 planner?

BDJ 2012 Planner

I’m a Belle de Jour girl for almost 4 years now. Actually, I’m a Starbucks planner user way before I discovered this planner. I order it through online every year and have it delivered to my house. I like using planners because I’m quite OC on some things. I like planning ahead, organizing things and paying bills on time. Straight A you might call it, but it surely saved me from lots of trouble. Because I’m the world’s worst complainer, hating every moment of inconvenience. Sadly but true, patience is a virtue which I don’t have. 😦

There are lots of planners available now in the market, you can check out this site for the list. I just find the Starbucks Planner too expensive. Almost mag palpitate na ako nun kakainom ng frappe just to complete the stickers. The only thing that I like with it are the free coupons, which is good for one year use. Meanwhile, I find the Moleskin planners too boring for its price. Sosyal lang pero waley. 


And here are the reasons why I like the Belle de Jour planner. It simply suits me and my personality — maarte, makulay and o-c. Basta ang daming arte ng planner na to! 🙂

Letter to Self 

Dreamboard section for your dreams and goals

Short articles for tips and inspirations

Membership/discount card for the affiliated outlets

Free and discounted Coupons

2012 checklist and sort of bucket list (one of my favorites)

Monthly Visitor tracker (san ka pa?!)

Annual Health Checklist (sa mga pa healthy)

Habit Tracker and a reward section (sa mga nagbabagong buhay)

Gift Tracker (sa mga thoughtful and generous)

Special Events Tracker (para sa mga sociables with hectic schedules)

Vacation Planner (sa mga mahilig gumala)

Monthly Goal Planner section

Weekly View

Monthly View

Emergency Information Contact Nos.

Cashflow Tracker for your income and savings

Bills Tracker

Random Thoughts for nothing

This is the perfect planner for me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Random: Belle de Jour 2012 Planner”

  1. Ikaw na ang masipag mag-picture!! hahaha!

    Ngayong year lang ako nagkaron ng planner na yan. I liked it because of the DETAILS in every page. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first but all information are helpful.

    Good luck using your planner! ^_^


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