Food: Café Mary Grace

after the trinoma lunch with my brother, i went to café mary grace at greenbelt to meet my college friends. i always make sure to meet them every time i go home. i was few minutes late and by the time i arrived, roocie and kath were already there. reg suggested we go there instead of toastbox since there’s already a toastbox here in sg.

greenbelt 2

i don’t have an idea what food they serve there as it’s my first time. i then asked who mary grace was and obviously, she’s the founder/owner of the place. well actually, they serve deliciously baked goodies like ensaimadas, cheese rolls, brownies and many more. aside from that, they also have pasta, salads and other delicious pinoy cuisines.

while waiting for reg (stuck in baclaran traffic), we started ordering our food. kath and roocie ordered the hot chocolate mint drink while i ordered the apple and cinnamon honey iced tea. then we all got ensaimadas, which is their best sellers. roocie and i got the banana chocolate while kath has the apple cinnamon. the ensaimadas with a twist were surprisingly good, not the usual ensaimada you buy in the neighborhood bakery. though it’s a bit pricey costing around 90-100/pc i think, ok na rin masarap talaga siya. 

hot chocolate mint

cinnamon apple ensaimada

banana chocolate ensaimada with apple and cinnamon honey iced tea

i like the place because it’s cozy and relaxing, perfect for small get togethers. fireplace and snow outside while eating ensaimada and drinking hot choco ang effect, emo much lang. also, there are photos and handwritten letters plastered on the walls giving the place a more personal touch. some of the letters were also placed under the glass covered tables. we forgot to write our own love letter to ms mary grace!


and to complete the evening, there’s the mandatory picture-taking at the cozy sofa-sala-sahig-whatevs setup just beside our table.

with friends at cafe mary grace