Random: Dogs

meet piper, my new-found friend. he’s a mini schnauzer and the sweetest, friendliest dog in our neighborhood. i was slobbered with lots of kisses the 1st time i met him. he’s the most behaved too. pag sinabing sit, sit lang talaga! i suddenly miss my 5 dogs at home. 😦 sadly, i’m leaving this neighborhood soon. i might just visit them on some days during my free time.

since dogs are my favorite, i’ll list down some of my favorite and dream dogs (categorize in order of likeness).

for body-guard type of dogs, na magbantay sa akin and ipapakagat ko ang mga mang-aapi sa akin (*insert evil laughter here*), i like the rottweiler, doberman, pitbull and belgian malinois.


belgian malinois



for family friendly dogs na tipong pwedeng isama sa outings at kasama mag jogging, i like the golden retriever and basset hound (hush puppies).

golden retriever

basset hound

lastly, toy dogs na pang laruan lang, pang tanggal ng buyset sa life and etc, i like the pomeranian and mini schnauzer (like piper) 🙂 not really fan of toy dogs pero ok na rin minsan. pag sobrang charming and lovable ng aso, aayawan mo pa ba?