Travel: Singapore Botanical Garden

went to singapore botanical garden last sunday for our weekly date. it was a hot and sticky day and i’m complaining as usual. back to photography again, quality time without overspending. hahaha! i brought my camera but only took a few shots since i used my phone camera most of the time. i’m trying out the newly installed camera apps in my phone (because my hands are itching for an iphone just so i can have that instagram.hahaha!) but no, i’ll wait for 3 mooooorrreee months, kelangan matibay ang eq. hehehe!

here are some of the pictures last sunday. i love the black swans, saw them up close and personal. sana lang may dala akong tinapay. next time, i’ll bring a gardenia loaf with me so i can feed them (fishes and swans).

ang ku kyut nila !!! (“,)