Random: Master Cleanse

Hahaha! Dizizit pansit! 10 days of emotional, physical and mental challenge. Kakayanin ko ba? That is the mystery question! 🙂

So what is Master Cleansing? Quoting from wiki, “Master Cleanse is a modified juice fast that permits no food and is followed for a minimum of ten days.” Kaloka lang di ba?! No food? 10 days? Hala maglaslas na tayo ng pulso kung ganun. Hahaha!

Masubukan nga baka umeffect. Beyonce Knowles was known to follow this diet when she filmed the movie, Dreamgirls, and lost 20lbs. Ang payat niya dun! Di na ako nakabawi after holidays at yung malakas pa ko mag rice?! Hello bulging tummy…hello depression. 😦 Some of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. Plus, one of my slacks gave up on me. Therefore, operation “diet-dietan” mode ON!

Master Cleanse Program

  • First, squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice, then add Rich Maple Syrup, and Cayenne Pepper into Pure Water. Drink a minimum of six to twelve glasses throughout the day whenever one is hungry.


maple syrup 

cayene pepper

  • Take a laxative, morning and evening; or instead of the morning laxative, you can do the Salt Water Flush using sea salt. Every day of The Master Cleanse that you overcome the psychological need to eat, you feel a growing sense of control that motivates you to complete the process.

laxative tea (for the daily ____ )

sea salt 

Pag ako di nagbago pagkatapos ng kalokohang to, ewan ko na lang, mahirap magpanggapppppp. (O_o)

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  1. mygawd mader, gudlak! kaya mo yan, go go go! hahaha! as for me, di pwede sakin yan dahil once na nagutom ako, kahit tumungga ako ng isang pitsel na tubig hindi pa rin tumitigil sa pagtunog ang tyan ko. So more powers mader, hahaha!


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