Random: Day 0

Hahaha! Major failure. I should have started last week, if it weren’t for last day celebrations at work and post badminton dinner and many many excuses on why not to go on a diet. I promise to start with this Master Cleanse detoxification – TOMORROW. That means no solid food for the next 10 days, no Lutong Pinoy, no home cooked meals, no merienda at work, no early morning Kwey Teow and no food trips and food dates. Yes! How timely and devastating!? I’ll spend Valentines inside my room and will just watch tv, will meditate and will pray not to give in to worldly temptations a.k.a food, karne, baboy, desserts. 😥 Pwede umiyak?!

Super Bantamweight hoping on a Flyweight

But I swear to finish and complete the 10 days. I’m going to wear my nice dress…again. And this was me, exactly a year ago.

Valentines Dinner 2011

This dress doesn’t fit me anymore. I tried it again last night and I looked like a human burrito with lumps on the sides. Fark.

So I promise, I’ll be back. In 10 days. Back to a healthier, fitter and slimmer me. From super bantamweight to flyweight. No dates and food trips. Home visitations also not allowed…until I achieve my desired weight. Hahaha! Goodluck to myself. Goodluck to my low EQ when it comes to food!

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