Random: Singapore Airshow 2012

at last, i’m back to blogosphere again. been very busy lately with work and doing overtime almost everyday. yesterday, my colleagues and i went to the singapore airshow 2012, a biennial event showcasing different plane exhibitions.

singapore airshow 2012

we all meet by 10am and should be at the venue by 11am so we can catch up the morning flying exhibition show. we arrived just in time for the morning show. however, it took us almost 45 minutes to enter the premises due to the strict bag security checks. we could just hear from the inside the buzzing sounds of aircrafts flying above us. huhuhu. so we end up not seeing much of the morning show and have to wait for the 2nd part, which will start at 3pm.

jampacked event

by the time we got inside, it was already almost noon which was very hot and humid. and there are lots of people too. everywhere we go, we have to squeeze in and make our way snaking around the venue. and we forgot to apply sunblock so negra kirara look bigla kami.

scorching noon sun

at the outside area were the different aircrafts displayed. people are allowed to go inside the aircrafts and explore while taking pictures. the queues are very long so we didn’t have any pictures taken inside.

outdoor exhibits

suddenly, the rain poured and we went inside the exhibit hall for cover. the indoor area showcases miniature aircraft models and other exhibitors.

indoor exhibit

i don’t understand the long queue for the freebies, eh sangkatutak na brochure and kalendaryo lang naman ata ang pinamimigay. 

what’s with the queue?!

at exactly 3pm, the weather improved and we went outside again to watch the afternoon flying show.

flying exhibition

then pa-picture kung kani-kanino, my favorite pastime. haha.

‘excuse me? can we have a picture with you?’

it’s my first time to watch such event and ok naman siya. hassle lang yun napakatagal na security bag checks, unpredictable weather and siksikan na mga tao. di ko sinunod yung instruction sa website nila, na maglagay ng sunblock. 😦