Food: Nakhon Kitchen

another hidden paradise uncovered in bedok area, a small thai eatery at one of the hdb blocks. 🙂 one of my colleagues brought us here one day after a badminton session. and was quite surprise to see the long queue. hmm, seems a lot of patrons here.

nakhon kitchen @ bedok

the food is good, very authentic thai food. not like those you eat at thai express or some other commercialize thai restaurants. and the good thing about this place is that, everything is cheap! for the 2nd time, i brought bf here because i was craving for some thai food. we got pad thai, thai mango green salad, green curry chicken and thai iced tea.

thai iced tea (3gd)

the generous serving of pad thai noodles only costs $5sgd!!! it’s $10sgd or more if bought somewhere else.

pad thai noodles (5sgd)

i like the green curry chicken the best, yun lang ata alam kong thai food kahit san yun ang order ko. wahahaha.

green curry chicken (8sgd)

the thai mango salad is also good. sweet, sour and spicy, nalilito na ako sa sarap niya.

thai mango salad (5sgd)

during my 2 visits, the queue is always long. you have to wait for at least 15-30 minutes to get a seat, ganun siya kapatok may pila. i wish they have a bigger place or add more tables so we don’t have to wait that long. other than that, it’s a cheapo place for good comfort food. mukhang ito na ang suking thai place to be next to the korean suki at tanjong katong.

***nakhon kitchen at blk 136 #01-166 bedok north ave 3, sg