Random: ‘The Artist’ and ‘Midnight In Paris’

the oscar 2012 season was finally over and winners already declared. i’ve seen some of the movies and particularly enjoyed “the artist” and “midnight in paris”. after watching these movies back-to-back, i suddenly want to go to paris or learn anything french. hahaha.

the movie “the artist” won 5 oscars last week, including best director, best picture and best actor awards. it also swept awards from golden globes and cannes, so intriguing talaga siya. i fell in love with the movie after watching it dahil sa die-hard romantic movie fanatic ako. haha. it’s a romantic drama/comedy silent movie in black and white set in hollywood 1920s, so it’s really an old school classic film. i like it for its simplicity and wit. i like the actors and their portrayals, the classic black and white mood, Uggie the dog (ang bibo niya!), tap dancing scenes, biglaang-yakapan-scenes-parang-nasa-airport-lang and ok sige favorite ko na lahat ng elements! hahaha. i was watching the thank you speeches of jean dujardin (oo speeches talaga dahil siya na ang madaming awardsat feeling ko mahal ko na siya or makapangasawa na nga lang ng french. wahahahaha!

The Artist

it deserves all the buzz, hype and awards so better watch it, here’s the movie trailer. 🙂

then i watched woody allen’s ‘midnight in paris’. it won the best original screenplay awards during the oscars. pinadepress lang ako ng movie sa  ganda ng paris. hahaha.

midnight in paris

it’s called ‘midnight in paris’ because of the exciting things happening during midnight wherein the guy played by owen wilson, goes out every midnight roaming around the city, only to meet interesting people of the 1920s era such as ernest hemingway, pablo picasso and etc. it’s a mixed of nostalgia and modern-day setting. i repeat, ang ganda ng paris. eye candy masyado ang movie at feeling mo namamasyal ka na rin. here’s the movie trailer.