Random: Zombadings 1 – Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

what i thought was just an ordinary bekie movie night with friends, turned out to be a fun, artsy and educational experience. it’s my first time to attend an international film festival screening. luckily, we found out about ‘zombading’s patayin sa shokot si remington’ while in the midst of searching for a french movie to watch. i want to see the movie since last year but attempting to get a copy online was futile.


we watched the movie at singapore arts museum. the film festival which started last march 2 and will finish end of this month, will feature films from south-east asian countries such as philippines, thailand, malaysia, singapore, vietnam, cambodia, myanmar and thailand.

south-east asian film festival

upon entry, we were given a booklet which has details of the film festival like the schedules and synopsis of the films. the venue is not your typical movie house but only a small mini hall like theater room. at the end of the film, i’m surprised that some of the audience clapped their hands and we were joking ‘wow may ganun talaga!?’. there’s a short post film discussion from the director/writer and you can ask any kinds of question about the film, production, casting and many other details. it’s an open forum and hardcore film lovers will surely appreciate this kind of activity. many foreigners were proactive in asking questions. we enjoyed it because it’s a new experience and we learned many things about the movie like how they came up with the concept, casting calls, plans for sequel, indie film in general and well of course…gay lingo. hahaha. bumabaha ng bekimese!

movie night

and the movie is ok too. it’s about this guy named remington, who was cursed to become gay when he grows up. tamang laftrip for a stressful week. and by the way highway, marian rivera was in the movie. #walalang. hahaha.

it’s their (zombadings team) first time to showcase the movie in an international film screening and we’re lucky for having the chance to see it. there are still a lot of movies to watch but then of course, magastos.

the film screening is until march 31 and more details found in this site.

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  1. hi po!salamat po sa mga supporta ninyo.i personally know martin escudero, kerbie zamora and raymond lee.please feel free to read on to my blogsite, https://bonggakastar.wordpress.com. salamat po ng napakarami sa pagsuporta at panonood ng pelikula. BEST ACTOR po si Martin sa 10th Gawad Tanglaw for Zombadings (mar 15th and awarding sa perpertual las pinas) and he’s also nominated sa Star Awards and Enpress Golden Screening as BEST ACTOR.


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