Food: Laing

today’s menu is laing, a vegetable dish cooked in coconut milk from bicol. i was inspired by one of my colleagues who brought one today at work. and since today is my exercise rest day (dahil hahabol ako sa london 2012 olympics) i’ve decided to cook my version of this spicy dish. 🙂


(mantika) cooking oil, (baboy) pork (i chose the liempo cuts), (bawang) garlic, (sibuyas) onion, (luya) ginger, (dahon ng gabi) 1 pack of taro leaves which i bought from one of the pinoy stores here, (gata) coconut milk, (siling labuyo) chili, (tubig) water, (asin) salt, (patis) fish sauce, (paminta durog) ground black pepper, (ginisa flavor mix — optional pampalasa), (dilis) dried anchovies, (hibi aka ‘hipon na beybi) dried shrimps


  1. cook the pork in small amount of water. parang pinapakuluan hanggang matuyo ang tubig. 

2. then pour cooking oil. cook the pork until it becomes light brown.

  1. sauté garlic, ginger and onion and mix with the pork. gisa gisa lang until mag brown ang mga bagay bagay.

  1. add chilis. you can also use the lady finger like chili used in sinigang. ginamit ko lang yung siling labuyo para colorful, hindi puros green. hahaha.

  1. mix all ingredients together
  2. add the dried shrimps and dried anchovies. halo halo lang ulit.

7. add the entire pack of taro leaves, together with the coconut milk and water. wag daw mag panic kung overflowing ang mga dahon, mag shrink sila pag naluto.


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  1. cover and let it simmer. allow the leaves to boil with the coconut milk.

9. halo halo lang ulit. add fish sauce, pepper and ginisa mix to taste.

disclaimer: wala ng measure measurements sa mga ingredients, bahala na kayo. i ga-guide naman kayo ng intuition niyo. haha.

and voilà! the finished product…

(lagyan ng onteng art for audience impact, para sa tingin pa lang masarap na) 🙂