Random: Nike Goddess 2012 Marathon

this year’s nike goddess run is a huge disappointment. before the race, it started to rain very hard and i thought the event will never push through. good thing, the weather started to improve by 5pm. but despite the good weather, the run started late…almost past 5pm already. we were very tired from the long walk from sentosa beach station up to the race venue. the queue at sentosa express at vivo city was very long as well. we haven’t started the race and yet we already feel very tired.

nike goddess 5k 2012

this was me and my friend before the race. maganda pa kami, can live up to the nike goddess title. haha.

happy runners

…and this was us after the run. all soaked in rain, sweat and very haggard. no more goddess look, pang wrath of the titans na. haha!


i remember last year, girls were given a fresh flower and a trophy after the race. this year, all we got was a … compact mirror ? ref magnet ? bookmark? i don’t know what this is.

finisher’s item

and the free food they serve us was this limp, anemic, miserable looking cold hotdog which should be consume by ‘april 14, 6:32pm’. we ate the hotdog around 6:50pm. hahaha! 😐

i’m disappointed. last year’s was definitely way better – well-organized event, good weather and venue, nice shirt and a trophy for a finisher’s item. the only good best thing for this year’s run is running with a friend. rain or shine, we crossed the finished line at the same time. thanks dyana. 🙂