Food: Todai

last week, we had dinner at todai seafood buffet and restaurant in mbs. it’s a welcome dinner for the family and advance birthday treat for the two special boys of my life. matagal ko na niyayaya ang bf dito and timing naman na andito ang family. 🙂 other than singapore, todai has also other branches worldwide.


they serve a wide range of food choices, both asian and western cuisine. they also have a big good spread of sushi’s and seafood. for $sgd54++, you get your money’s worth. i got a 10% discount from the total bill because i reserved through online.

and my top choices dahil masarap ay…

…the escargot (snails cooked in cream sauce and served in small cups — sarap!!!)

…roast beef with mint sauce


fan na fan ako ng buffets dahil sa ‘pg’ naman ako at lakas ko kumain. just make sure that before you go here, medyo nag light snack lang kayo or gutom na gutom na matinding gutom talaga para mas sulit ang buffet. hehe. 🙂