Food: Charlie Brown Café

every time i have friends visiting me here in sg, i always bring them to charlie brown café for meet ups. i like this place for simple tambayan. it’s close to shops, restaurants and the mrt. it’s also easy for me to give directions to this place because it’s located just outside somerset mrt station. so bawal ang maligaw. hehe!

charlie brown café

i brought roocie here. she went to sg after her successful trip from malaysia. days ahead, she messaged me for appointment to meet her before she goes back to the ph. i’m only free during the afternoon as i need to bring the family to the airport during the evening.

roocie and me

she was already there when i arrived. i miss roocie! 🙂 we could spend hours talking about almost anything — her trips, blogging, “our other long-lost friend” and many more. i’m just so happy to see her. it feels different talking to a friend ‘physically’ and discuss things like nothing has changed.

we both ordered pancakes. she got strawberry while i got the apple flavor. how cute the cartoon drawing on top of the pancake!


the place was also decorated with characters from snoopy and friends.


from the ceiling lights…

…to wallpapers


ang cute lang! kaya gustong gusto ko dito, feeling bagets pa rin. hehe!

*charlie brown café at 313 somerset, orchard road.