I Want _____

there are many things i want to buy for myself. new gadgets, brand new wardrobe, shoes, perfume, tickets for getaway and any other worldly leisures that a normal girl like me will enjoy.

i want to buy a new phone. my phone just turned 2 years old and despite its slowness and broken screen, it is still very useful and functioning properly. i can still do the basics like sms’ng, calling, taking pictures and internet browsing. though there are many smart phones available in the market, i’m an avid fan of samsung brand so i would like to get a samsung galaxy 3 as my next phone. i once thought of getting an iphone, but only because of the instagram. but since instagram is now available in android, i’m ok with samsung (sorry not an iphone fan, i find it too common).

samsung galaxy 3

…then i want to buy a new lens for my camera. same with my handy phone, it’s reaching its 2nd year and ever since i bought my camera, i haven’t bought an alternate lens other than the one included in the package. i want to get myself a better wide-angle lens or a zoom lens, so i can have better pictures to share here in my blog. 🙂

olympus lenses

…then i want to buy a fuji wide instax cameraito wala lang talaga, gusto ko lang talaga. perfect partner for my instax mini.

fuji wide instax

…then i want to buy a photo printer, canon selphy es40 to be exact. i bought one before as a gift to bf, and now i want one too for myself. it’s a different happiness seeing a hard printed copy of a beautiful picture. i would like to print pictures of my travel adventures, friends, family and loved one.

canon selphy es40

…then i want to buy a kindle for my reading needs. it will be very useful and handy, so that i don’t have to bring the bulky books anymore. though i’m still very much ok with the traditional books, i’ll just use this as an alternative in case i have shoulder or back pains and no longer fit to carry heavy things. haha!

amazon kindle

…then i want to buy a perfume. my clinique happy is already running out and i want to try a different scent for a change. few days ago, i came across a ck booth and the seller handed me a strip of paper with the perfume scent. i immediately like the smell of the ck one summer 2012 perfume because of its fruity and fresh scent. so this will be my next project.

ck one summer 

…then i want a new shoes for office use…round trip tickets to taiwan/hongkong/china/japan…and the list goes on…

but of course, these are just wants. i still can sleep soundly at night without them. i won’t buy them unless i feel the sudden urge of needing them. wants are not the same as needs. and besides, i need to save more now. more effort in saving as i’m starting to get bored, tired and stressed towards my work. i just don’t like spending my hard-earned money that easily and then few months from now, i don’t know what my fate will be once my pass expires. i don’t want to be in a ‘forever foreigner’ state, unsure of what’s gonna happen next and nothing has come out of my being an ofw. i don’t like the feeling of uncertainty that every time the dreaded pass renewal day comes, i’m thinking and worrying if i’m still going to make it or not.

kj as it sounds, i always believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry.and that time is gold. and a time wasted is a time lost.

edit: waaaaaah! i also want a ticket for cesar milan’s live tour show. i’m so disappoint. huhu. why it has to be this expensive?! you can’t enjoy the $80 view anymore. 😦

cesar milan @ sg