My 1st 10KM Marathon

few months back, my friend (and running buddy) dyan, registered for the adidas sundown marathon 10km category. being veterans of fun runs (lololol), we finally decided to challenge ourselves and level up to a more intense category. *haha*

adidas sundown marathon 2012

i met her at around 9pm last night and went to nicol highway for the assembly. the flag off time for the 10km runners was at 10pm and we should be there at least an hour early. while waiting for the race, we spotted the joint care ambassadors putting fake tattoos on the runners for a chance to win a samsung galaxy note. of course, avail kami. hehe!

this event was well-organized compared to the last marathon we joined. there are lots of booth and freebies to enjoy like free popcorns, cotton candies, massage booths and movie viewing outdoor. i enjoy this run too because i didn’t feel very tired unlike when i’m running during the daytime. at the end of the race, we were given a nice finisher’s medal and after that we went to the photo booth.  🙂

finisher’s medal

but somehow, we felt guilty that after we sweat out all the body fats and toxins, we still ended up eating this very delicious chicken…filled with cheese rich in calories. haha!

chicken cholesterol

now that i know that i can do 10km (ikr…yes with yabang hahaha), will this be the start of (ahem) more “serious” running? actually we didn’t do any practice or training whatsoever for this, but still…we nailed it! 😛