Random: Diablo 3

what’s making me busy these past few days is…

diablo 3

i’m not a hardcore gamer nor follower of this computer game, but i want to try something new. đŸ™‚ luckily, one of my housemates is also playing and she let me borrow her guest account just to have a feel of it.

to make the story short, i purchased my copy and already spent many sleepless night playing it together with my other friends. đŸ™‚ this.is.addicting. :p my conversation with ‘boyfriend’ evolves around levels, characters, skills, armor and dexterity na watdafaq di ko alam kung ano ba talagaang deep!!! *hehe*

my demon hunter character

di ko alam ang goal pati ang kwento pero enjoy naman, as long as maka level up lang masaya na. hehehe…(“,)