Travel: Ueno and Odaiba

i woke up early on the 2nd day to start my diy city tour adventure. my next target areas are ueno and odaiba. my friends suggested that i include ueno in my itinerary as this place is filled with old japanese culture. but before i officially start the day, i first made a stop at a local eatery for breakfast.:)

i used the vendo machine to buy my order. i ordered curry rice because it’s the cheapest. after getting the stub from the vendo machine, i handed it over to the attendant and waited for my order to be served. it is a small place similar to a carinderia in the ph.


after breakfast, i went to ueno park which is just a short walking distance from the train station. it would have been better if it’s spring season because the place will be filled with cherry blossoms. but since it’s summer in tokyo (with occasional rains on some days), the park looks ordinary to me.

ueno park

after visiting the park, i went to odaiba as my next stop. you will see there various attractions such as the newly opened mall with a life-size gundam statue, statue of liberty, rainbow bridge and oedo-onsen. i had no idea what onsen was all about til my friend told me about it. he said i should try it because it’s relaxing and of course…it’s part of the japanese experience.

rainbow bridge, statue of liberty and gundam

the onsen experience was memorable for me. it’s a public bath and hot spring in one. they had me change into a yukata, a japanese robe, before going inside the bath (feel na feel ang culture). aside from the bath and hot spring areas, there are also restaurants and souvenir stores inside.


later in the afternoon, i went to see the tokyo tower. i just walk around the vicinity and took pictures from the outside. the tower looks better at night because of the red glow light.

tokyo tower

that pretty much explains the adventures of my 2nd day. it’s as tiring like the 1st day. i noticed that in tokyo, they are never short of vending machines. as a matter of fact, you will see it in every corner be it for food, drinks, cigar,etc. japanese just love vending machines. hehe.

vendo machines everywhere

also, unlike other train systems that i know, eating inside the station and train is allowed in japan as evidenced by the stores inside the mrt platform areas.

stores inside the train platform

i ended the day by eating a delicious, big serving of authentic katsudon. for experience sake it is. 🙂