Travel: Shinjuku and Mt. Fuji quest

for my 3rd day adventure, i decided to try my luck and go see mt.fuji. since i almost finished the major city spots, i’m basically free for the entire day. i asked my friend for some tips and directions to help me go there. he suggested that i ride the train instead which is easier, though i can also ride the bus but it will take me longer to reach the place.

from my place at asakusa, i traveled city bound going to shinjuku station. this is one of tokyo’s central and busiest stations. i bought a rt ticket for shinjuku to kawaguchiko. the travel time all in all is almost 2 hours by train – 60 minutes from shinjuku to otsuki and another 45 minutes from otsuki to mt.fuji area.

ready for the mountain

otsuki station

after traveling for almost 2 hours and reaching kawaguchiko, it broke my heart to see that the weather was not good. it started to rain badly and the sky was dark and gloomy. i was thinking that the rain will stop anytime soon, so i waited for an hour and ate lunch at the train station.

happy food

of course, this lunch is another happy moment for me. i bought a pork rice topping which is very good. wala atang hindi masarap dun. then after eating lunch, i board a tour bus found in kawaguchiko station and see if it can bring me somewhere else.

rain rain go away

after endless searching and drenched from the cold rain, i didn’t see any trace of mt. fuji. it’s not a lucky day at all. 😦 i even got lost somewhere at lake yamanaka and had to pay a cab which cost me 4500yen ($S60) just to be able to reach the main station. the weather and the language barrier made this quest very challenging, yet somehow i enjoyed it. asking directions was difficult because people never speak in english. kaya pag na best in lost and found, bawal mag panic! hehe.

i decided to go back to the city instead. when i reached shinjuku at around 7pm, i called my friend for our dinner meet-up appointment and then had dinner at a nice japanese restaurant.

gastronomic experience (again)

after dinner, we walked around the long avenue of shinjuku as i requested. the bright city lights are nice to look at in the evening. we also scoured the red light alleys and spent almost 1 hour just walking around the area.

shinjuku evening scene

my japan experience would have been complete if i saw the mountain at least. anyway, i can still go back next time. haha. i need to save and will go back in case i want to visit osaka and kyoto next time. (hahaha excuses!) but yeah, there’s still next time. 🙂