Food: Chicken Arrozcaldo

i’m bacccckkk! sorry i was missing in action lately and i always forget to update my blog. well, nothing exciting happening to me lately since i am doing overtime work these past 2 weeks. if not at work, i just stay at home during weekends playing ps3 games with bf. walang ganap naninibago akoooo!

few days ago while at work daydreaming, i suddenly craved for arrozcaldo. you know sometimes when you’re bored and hate what you are doing, the mind tends to wander and in my case, i always daydream of two things: travel or food. i don’t know what struck me but i badly want a bowl of hot steaming congee (or baka dahil napasilip ako nuon sa bintana kasi umuulan). haha! and so thanks to the internet for saving me and my hungry tummy. 🙂

now presenting, my 1st ever chicken arrozcaldo. i’m very happy on the outcome of this dish, masarap!!! am i biased on my cooking? or just hungry ? hihihi…

*chicken arrozcaldo*


1kg chicken

1 head garlic, crushed

1 head onion, sliced into small cubes

1 medium-sized ginger, sliced into strips

1 chicken cube

spring onions chopped

toasted garlic/onions for toppings

1 cup of uncooked rice


fish sauce

black ground pepper

cooking oil

magic sarap (that does all the magic – haha)

4 hard-boiled eggs



1. pour cooking oil then sauté garlic, onion and ginger (in that order).

2. once garlic and onion starts to turn light brown, add the chicken cube. the chicken cube should melt together with the other ingredients so the taste will seep in.

3. add the chicken and cook until it turns to light brown. gisa-gisa with halo effect lang parang nag e-exercise. i cover the chicken while cooking para makulong yung lasa (mehganun!?!?)

4. add a dash of fish sauce (patis), ground black pepper and ‘magic sarap’ to taste.

5. once the chicken starts to cook and turn brown, add the cup of uncooked rice. ihalu-halo lang ang bigas with the other ingredients. gisa all the way!

6. then add water to the mixture. yung tipong kapantay ng chicken yung dami ng tubig. ok lang medyo matubig dahil maluluto pa ang bigas. cook this for 45 minutes or until you achieve the right texture of your arrozcaldo.

7. add the hard-boiled eggs.

8. once the arrozcaldo is all set, garnish with spring onions and toasted garlic on top. pero di ko alam san bibili ng toasted garlic, so i made use of toasted onions (yung parang sa mga hawker) as substitute. can be also serve with calamansi on the side.

voilà ooohh la la…chicken arrozcaldo now ready to serve. 🙂 i love it. niluto from the heart ito noh!