Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

i discover something new today while i was browsing the home page of my wordpress account. apparently, there’s a weekly photo challenge every friday encouraging bloggers to share their best photos based on the given theme for the week. for almost 3 years of blogging, i was like ‘why didn’t i get to learn about this !?!?’

if a professional writer experiences the ‘writer’s block’, then what more on an amateur/leisure/trying-hard (quote)writer(unquote) like … me. there are days that i’m running out of stories to share so i just settle with any random thing that crosses my mind.

and so starting today, i’ll be participating in the weekly photo challenge and this week’s theme is ‘near and far’. more details posted here.

among the heaps of pictures sitting in my hard disk and flickr account, i chose this photo taken last year during a trip at angkor wat in siem reap, cambodia. i don’t know who owns this pair of shoes, maybe someone left it on purpose? maybe prince charming will soon arrive and will search for the lucky cinderella. (“,)

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