Food: Wine Connection Bar and Bistro

last friday together with my colleagues, we went to ‘wine connection bar and bistro’ at somerset for our tgif session. we met with gina whom we haven’t seen for a long time after she left the company. as the name implies, the place offers a diverse selection of wines from all over the world which customers can enjoy. since it was a friday, the place was full by the time we arrived and we had to wait for 15-30 mins to be seated, one of surest signs that the place is good and cheap. hahaha.


ok. to be honest, i’m not an avid drinker of wine. i am more expose to beer and hard liquor type of drinks. my impression is that only the rich people can afford and appreciate (quality) wines and i’m not one of those people. hihihi.

so we ordered pizza, pasta, meat platter and of course bottles of wine. bottles because we were 5 then and a bottle is not enough. it was a good night shared with laughter, stories on work, rants about work and simply catching up on each other’s life.


the place is good. one of those kinds that you want to go back again and again for laid back tambay nights without breaking the bank. you get your money’s worth for a delish food and wine combo. the ‘3 bottles + 2 pizza + a pasta + platter’ is equal to 2 cocktail drinks outside sans the food. sulit!


so going back. i like the wine, it tastes good and i know it’s a healthier option. but i find it too claaassszzz for my taste. hahaha. poser na poser! but it’s ok to do this once in a while, after all it’s not just about the wine. it’s the company of good friends and the stories that comes with it.

tama na poser. hahaha. beer ftw pa rin!