Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

“health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” –Buddha

it’s saturday again and another time for weekly photo challenge. i’m running short of topics to share so i’m mostly relying on the friday’s challenge. hopefully soon fingers crossed, i’ll be able to post something ‘exciting’ here (watch out for it!).

this week’s theme is all about BIG (literally or figuratively)…and these are my photo entries.

this picture was taken last year at wat pho or the temple of reclining buddha in bangkok, thailand. i was very keen to see this statue of the big buddha since i first learned about it from the movie ‘the beach’, which is one of my favorite movies. this is very huge standing 15m high and 43m long.

this picture was taken at odaiba shopping center in tokyo, japan. this larger than life gundam robot reminds me of my childhood days when i used to watch japanese cartoons and tv shows during weekends and afternoons after going home from school.

lastly, this photo was taken during a trip at ta phrom temple at angkor wat in siem reap, cambodia. the growing trees among the ruins makes this place one of the most visited spots at angkor wat. this place was also used as a location for the movie ‘tomb raider’ by angelina jolie.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big”

  1. how funny! I thought for a moment to use my picture of the reclining buddha in Wat Pho temple for my BIG entry… and then had another idea! I’m happy to find it here anyway, because it sure was BIG and left me speechless! same can be said about those beautiful old trees in Ta Phrom… It’s definitely great to see some like-minded pictures! great entry!


  2. Great images. I like the way you placed the robot inbetwen the Buddah and the Angkor Wat Temple. Makes for an interesting contrast.


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