Food: We are the Furballs

dogs are my most favorite animal. when i see cute, big or unique dogs walking around, i gushed with excitement and always attempt to take a picture of them. i miss my dogs very much and hopefully i’ll see them very soon. 😦

anyway, i called in ‘sick’ few weeks ago and went to this dog café which my friend recommend. i’ve never been to a pet café though i know these things are prevalent in some countries like taiwan, japan and korea. i wish we have something like that in the philippines. 🙂

since it was a weekday afternoon, i was lucky that the place was not crowded unlike weekends. in fact, i was the only person that time so i’m very excited because i get to spend most of the afternoon playing with the dogs. yehey! you need to buy a drink (bubble tea) which costs $6.50 on weekdays and $7.50 on weekends, which also serves as the entrance fee to the dogs. if you want to eat, there’s a small dining area at the ground floor because food is not allowed upstairs. you can spend time with the dogs for as long as you like.

i can’t describe the feeling when i first saw the cute little dogs. all of them were barking and staring at me when i arrived, in a cute way though. it seems they were very excited to hear someone walked up the stairs and visiting them. all dogs are very friendly. a few chairs are available though you can sit on the floor too if you want to cuddle the dogs.

my favorite among the dogs is a boston terrier one named ‘bui bui’. he’s bulky and quite heavy to carry. he may look like a terror dog, but he’s sweet and loves to snuggle and sleep on your lap. 🙂

the other dogs play and roam around the area, some busy chewing the seat edges as their past time.

it’s a nice place to hang around if you like dogs in general. i suggest going there on a weekday during off-peak hours to make the most out of your stay.

*wtf (we’re the furballs) is found at 45 east coast road.

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