Random: ASAP and My Dream Fulfilled

do you know that one of my life’s things to do is to watch asap live as a studio audience? i heard that it’s hard to get tickets to watch it live and you need insiders to get one for you. urban legends says that they prioritize people who can afford to give a big sum of money or those coming from overseas. as far as i know, if you are a tfc subscriber you can watch the show live by booking 2 months in advance at least using your tfc subscription account.

one day, one of my colleagues shared the good news that asap will be coming over here in sg for a 1 day show. she invited only girls (and gays) since bfs and husbands are not into showbiz things and would rather stay at home than be with their partners screaming like teenage girls at the sight of ‘papa P’ and sam milby. *haha*. 🙂

come fast forward october 14, my colleagues queued very early. it’s free-seating so the earliest to arrive can get the best seats. they arrived around 7am and i was still in bed that time so i arrived late at around 9-ish in the morning. the gates opened at exactly 10am and people run like crazy to get their seats.

we had to wait for 2 hours watching on some studio audience games before the show starts. the production staff gave us some reminders on the do’s and dont’s of the show. they instructed us to clap our hands continuously while the camera pans on us. also, girls are allowed to kiss and hug the male actors, but boys are not to allowed to touch the female stars. (sorry guys!)

here are some pictures from the show (click thumbnail to view the picture):

…and here’s a video extra too (sorry for the poor quality, i’m shaking with excitement filming this video — hahaha)!

the 2.5 hour show was all worth it. i always know that asap gives very good performance. i’ve never seen so many stars in my life, fangirling is happiness! 🙂 john pratts and bea alonzo looks good in person, rayver cruz is a so-so, john lloyd is wacky and ang kinis ni angeline quinto at jovit baldovino! hehehe.

bucket list#__: watch asap live — ✓