Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

foreign \ˈfȯr-ən, ˈfär-\: situated outside a place or country; situated outside one’s own country; born in, belonging to, or characteristic of some place or country other than the one under consideration; of, relating to, or proceeding from some other person or material thing than the one under consideration; alien in character : not connected or pertinent; related to or dealing with other nations; occurring in an abnormal situation in the living body and often introduced from outside


these are the photos that crossed my mind when i found out about this week’s photo challenge. this was taken during a solo trip at bali, indonesia. i was visiting one of the temples when i saw these reminders posted at the entrance gates. as a traveler, i was curious as to why having a period is not allowed inside the temples. of course, i do respect the balinese culture and i’m blessed not to have one during that time of visit. honestly, it still puzzles me. 🙂

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