Travel: Legoland and Heat stroke

one day after the hello kitty town adventure, i went to legoland for my 2nd day adventure. ok wala na masyadong introduction ito na kwento.

i arrived around 7am, did my check-in and got my ticket. then, i waited for 15 minutes for the shuttle to arrive. at first, akala ko naiwan na ako dahil di ko makita ang ibang pasahero. hayun pala, sa kabilang side ang waiting area. at exactly 730am, the bus arrived. puno ang shuttle, everyone wants to go to legoland!


we arrived at legoland sometime around 9-ish morning. since legoland opens at 10am, picture muna sa labas. 


since it was very HOT that day na parang summer outing sa init, i did not try the outdoor rides at all. i only ride the technic twister which is a spinning cup byahilo ride
rides copy

…and the legoland express para nakaupo lang. hehe.

legoland express copy

since i’m avoiding the very hot weather outside, i just stayed inside the lego minds area. the room is air-conditioned and i just pretend that i’m enjoying bulding lego blocks. creativity level = 0, dahil nagpalamig lang talaga ako sa loob.

legomind copy
i became bored so i went outside again for a walk. i saw different lego sculptures in many shapes and sizes.

sculptures2 copy

scultpures1 copy
there’s also a miniature city for the replica of some of the famous landmarks in the world. mini singapore, mini bali, mini kuala lumpur, mini china and mini minis.

city1 copy

city2 copy

the place is new so many things still needs to be improve. i suggest adding more shaded areas outside and add benches as well. but it’s good if you want a quick getaway with your family. boys will enjoy this place more than the girls. i did not enjoy the place that much because it was very hot that day. other than that, it was ok.

if you want to make it even with your gf for bringing you along to hello kitty town, surprise them with legoland tickets and bring them here on a hot summer day. haha!  🙂