Random: Donut Chronicles

donuts.small, fried, mouth-watering sweetened dough desserts we love to eat and adds up to the calories. how can we resist these delicious tempting round objects? who the hell cares about fat and love handles when you are just too happy to eat something as delicious and satisfying as these colorful yummy donuts.

doughnuts“the 50 minute donuts”

i went to trinoma today to go back to the salon to have my hair wash again, after 3 4 days of no washing. imagine.that. my hair was THAT oily that you can place me under the sun and fry eggs on top of my head. i put myself under house arrest for 4 days and did not go out, afraid bumping into someone and see me all that greasy. hehehe. after the hair washing, i also had mani/pedi/foot spa and facial session in one session. aaaahhhhccckkk the joys of major overhaul!!!

then i drop by at jco donuts to buy something for the pemily. there’s a long queue outside and inside the store.




i do a time check from time to time and confirmed that i got my precious donuts within 54 looooooong minutes. baaaakkkkeeehhhttt!?!? how long does it take for one person to buy donuts, seriously?

1) donut flavors –  some prefer only 1 flavor but some like it assorted. ok na yung simpleng assorted na one of a kind just like what i usually do. eh pano kung yung mga customer na tipong…

customer: miss! pabili ng donuts — 2 avocado, 2 chocolate, 1 bavarian, 3 strawberry, 1 cherry sprinkled, 2 vanilla, 1 cinnamon, etc. 

2) how many (boxes) of donuts – you can buy per piece, 1/2 dozen, 1 dozen, 2 dozen and etc.

customer: miss! pabili ng tatlong box ng 1 dozen at isang box ng 1/2 dozen na donuts. yung 1 box, puros avocado flavor lang. yung 1 box naman half-half. half chocolate then half avocado flavor. yung last box ng 1 dozen, assorted — 2 avocado, 2 chocolate, 1 bavarian, 3 strawberry, 1 cherry sprinkled, 2 vanilla, 1 cinnamon. tapos miss! yung 1/2 dozen, 2 each ng 3 flavors…uhmmmm…strawberry, pandan at cheese.

donut girl: ay mam, wala pang available na cheese, 10 minutes pa po. willing to wait po or ibang flavor na lang?

customer: ah ganun ba? (kamot sa baba, esep esep…mga 15 seconds) ah sige, choco sprinkled na lang.

3) phone-a-friend customers

customer: uy mars! andito na ako sa jco donut. anong gusto mong flavour?

phone friend: !@#$#$%yakitiyakyakyak!#$%^&

customer: ay teka tignan ko ha…(covers mouth piece). miss may avocado flavor kayo? 

donut girlay meron mam, ito po (turo sa donut).

customer: (balik sa phone) mare, meron daw. ano pa gusto mo? kumakain ba si junior ng chocolate? ok ba sa kaniya yun?

phone friend: !@#$#$%yakitiyakyakyak!#$%^&

customer: (covers mouth piece) ay miss wag mo lagyan ng chocolate, may tonsilitis si junior. meron ba kayong wasabi flavored donut?

donut girlay mam, willing to wait po ba? ginagawa pa po eh. mga 10 minutes pa. 

customer: ay ganun ba? sige teka ha (balik sa phone). mars, 10 minutes pa daw. naiihi na ako! wait ko pa ba?

phone friend!@#$#$%yakitiyakyakyak!#$%^&


4) i-am-rich-and-only-have-1000-bills customer

customer: miss! pabili naman ng combo 1, yung 1pc donut with hot tsokoleyt.

donut girl: (punch sa counter and gives the order) mam, that’ll be 96.84 pesos in all.

customer: (hands over a crunchy 1000php bill with higop sa kumukulong hot tsokoleyt)

donut girl: ay mam, wala pong smaller bill?

customer: ay 10pm na mag co closing na ang store, wala pa din kayong barya? (higop ulit sa kumukulong hot tsokoleyt)

donut girlay mam, naubos na yung smaller bills eh naipang sukli na din ho kanina sa mga 1000 *sigh*

customer: (talking to junior) anak, labas ka nga puntahan mo si papa mo, baka meron syang bariya.

(and another saga of waiting time)

i don’t mind buying donuts for the family, it’s just the waiting part that really annoys me. i know i can buy donuts within 5 minutes time.

me: miss, pabili 1 dozen assorted.

donut girl: (nakatigil) yes mam, ano po flavor?

me: one of a kind ng lahat ng yan.

1 less complicated customer (or di lang talaga ako choosy sa donuts). 🙂