Random: Kia Ora :)

finally, i’m here. after spending 2 weeks in the ph with my family and last-minute farewells in sg, i safely arrived the land of middle earth last week. it’s almost a week since i left sg and so far, everything is good in here. though i miss the hustle and bustle of south-east asia, i must admit that i’m enjoying the relax, laid back and peaceful surrounding of new zealand. i’m now in christchurch, which is found at the southern island of the country.

the name must have ring a bell to you. a couple of years back, the place was hit by a major quake that affected most of the city area. i had my 1st hand experience last monday at work when i felt the building shook during the afternoon and surprised that most people at work ignore it as if it’s a normal daily occurrence.

apart from the body clock and sleeping adjustments, my biggest change now is adapting to the kiwi lifestyle. everything is so laid back here — from the peaceful neighborhood, shops and stores closing as early as 6pm on most days and latest is at 9pm on thursday and friday, work environment where most people are already leaving at 430 to 5pm. this is the best environment for early retirement and family. 🙂

i’m still exploring the neighborhood and the nearby establishments. so far, i managed to commute and roam around the city by riding the bus. they don’t have the mrt system here by the way and cabs are a seldom apparition, as most people here have their own cars or just riding the bus. my friend helped me out in getting a bus metrocard that i can use when i want to explore the city on my own.

last weekend, my friends brought me to the beach. we hang out and ate chips while listening to the sound of the waves. i regret not wearing a sunblock that day. 😦 we went to taylors mistake beach first. it is quiet, secluded and not too many people around, maybe just a handful of surfers and few families sunbathing and camping at the beach. the waves are pretty big which are good for surfing.

44cd86ec6ced11e2b4e822000a9f130c_7taylors mistake surfers paradise

the second beach, new brighton beach, is a more family friendly one. we check out some of the entries from the ongoing sand building competition.

ddf9bb586ceb11e2a73522000a1faf50_7sand castle competition @ new brighton


Untitled-1new brighton beach

and yesterday was a holiday. i spent the entire afternoon walking around hagley park and search for the ducks. i can’t explain the feeling when the ducks got out of the water and followed me. i feel sorry for them because i did not bring any food with me. i promise to feed them the next time i go back. 🙂

Untitled-3tourists punting @ the avon river during sunset

Untitled-2ducks under the shady trees at “ang nagmamagandang bibe”

Untitled-1bibe strike a pose @ hagley park

i maybe alone at the moment, but i’m not lonely. i’m enjoying god’s wonders for now 🙂

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  1. Great to see you’re enjoying life there. I’m so happy for you..

    Dapat talaga english? Nahirapan ako te.. hahaha! Goodluck and you won’t be alone there for long.. pasunod na naman si papa dar dba? Ingat ka dyan at God bless. 🙂


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