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i made a personal vow that for every weekend, i’ll look for some exciting things to do instead of doing nothing at home. my life is a home-work-home cycle for now since i started work only recently. part of accepting the job means being away from family, friends and loved one having a boring routine in a slightly less exciting country. so, it’s a must to be busy. otherwise, i’ll go crazy.

i limit myself to explore within the city first, since i don’t have a car nor a bike to go further. i was searching for some cheap if not free activities and came across cracroft chase vineyard and winery in the internet. it is within the city so no need to go to the outskirts and getting lost.

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i took a cab to go there, only to find out later that it’s possible to ride the orbiter bus which circles the city. upon arrival, i was welcome by the owner, wilma. she and her husband are migrants from italy and came to new zealand few years ago and started the wine business. she showed me the working area where i saw a few people washing the wine bottles as well as filling some bottles with wine. after that, she brought me to the vineyard area and showed me the grapes. the grapes are hand-picked during the month of april.

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here’s the best exciting part which is the wine tasting. 🙂 she served me two kinds of pinot gris wines — one for lunch and one for dinner. i’m not a wine expert so wasn’t sure on the difference between the two though i’ve noticed that the wine for the lunch has a more distinct taste (at least for me).

e28fb498729411e2a12822000a9f18f6_7-1grapes and wine

it was striking hot by the time i left so i have to walk under the sun for 15 minutes, for me to reach the main road. while i was walking, i saw a herd of cows from the distance. authentic, muscular new zealand cows! i hurriedly took out my camera to have their photos taken. so happy and starstruck to see them in flesh. 🙂

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the owner was very kind to give the tour for free. i don’t have a cash that time since i gave them all to the cab driver. i promise to her that i’ll go back next time and will bring some friends with me.

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  1. wow just saw this! ayos sa mga wineries noh, educational hehe.. looking fwd to more posts kim! 😀


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