Travel: Air Force Museum

yesterday, i went to the air force museum of new zealand as part of my weekly adventure. since i’m starting to look like an ‘exotic’ here, i’ve decided to go somewhere indoor for a change. grabe sa paglayas bilad na bilad, wala pang sahod para makabili man lang ng sunblock!!!

the museum is free admission (yehey!). it has a wide array collection of aircraft mementos and some memorabilia of the early days of the air force. there are also organized tours and simulation activities for those who would like to experience riding an aircraft. in a way, i personally find these things interesting because i learned the different aircrafts and how they evolve through the years. a big aircraft can weigh as much as 2000kg and can carry a large amount of ammunition. interesting ito promise…kesa sa mga plato, mangkok, kutsara, tinidor at sira-sirang mga damit sa museums. 

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Untitled7 copyair force museum @ christchurch

it’s nice visiting museums once in a while. for me, it’s not only educational but also puts some balance in my life because i get to learn new things that are outside of my interest. … at nostalgic lang ang feeling ng nag-fifieldtrip ulit. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 Oo, visit kayo minsan haha para may tao naman dito. Ok naman dito, laidback lang compared to Auck and Welli pero iba ang charm nya. 😉


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