Travel: Exploring Christchurch

last friday, marks the 2nd anniversary of the heart-breaking earthquake here in christchurch. i’m not aware of any happenings within the city since i went to wellington to personally appear for my passport renewal at the ph embassy.

oh by the way, here’s a photo inside the wellington airport upon my arrival. the gollem structure looks surreal the first time i saw it. welcome to middle of middle earth!


since the main purpose of the trip is just to renew the passport, i was not able to roam around the city that much. also, time and budget constraints. haha! i just meet up with friends for dinner, the same friends from 3 years ago. some things people never change. i promised to go back next time. 🙂

i had an early morning flight going back to chch. since it’s a saturday and my leisure walking day, i’ve decided to go to the city and stroll around to check what’s in store. yung feeling ng kating-kati ka lumabas ng bahay at gumala kahit 4 hrs lang naman ang tulog. ganun.

this is now the city centre after 2 years. people around the world are aware of the devastation made by the quake. i can still attest to the shaking and experience it a couple of times, but doesn’t dampen my spirit. of course, me and everybody else are praying that it won’t be as worst as the last time. steel barricades cordoned the red zone areas to prevent people from going to unsafe places. empty buildings and deserted lots seemingly look like a ghost town you see in the movies.

1 copy

3 copy

but the city is slowly rebuilding and recovering. the rise of colorful container shops serves as attractions to locals and tourists who wish to see the beautiful city again. in fact, chch is in lonely planet’s must see cities for 2013. so blessed to get a job here. 🙂

here are the colorful shops…

2 copy

beach which is just a bus away…

4 copy

…and parks filled with very lovely gardens, flowers and my favorite ducks!!!



when i saw wellington yesterday, the feeling was transported back to the modern age upon seeing the high-rise buildings, bustling people around the city and more shops/pubs. chch is like an old town for me which makes it unique and beautiful. hmm, it’s kind of hard comparing the two. you cannot compare apples to oranges as they say. 😉

i’m in my best dora the explorer persona during weekends so sorry for spamming you with my posts, photos and etc. the place is just too lovely not to share.