Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood

i’m running out of things to share lately, so wasn’t able to write anything yet for this month. but BIG thanks to dailypost subscription, i can have something to share for this week. yehey! 😀

this week’s phoneography challenge (yep! camera phone shots are everywhere) is all about neighborhood. and how timely!? i was out yesterday afternoon strolling at the park, a couple of steps away from my house and this beautiful sight greeted me…

sunsetautumn sunset

this photo was taken almost sunset time at 7-ish. the beautiful trees turning yellow and red as the autumn season already started plus the beautiful orangey color of the sunset…and the cold afternoon breeze…and the calm peaceful surroundings of the park (the street is almost empty as you can see! haha!)…makes the moment almost perfect! this photo was taken using a samsung galaxy tablet without filter (let the beauty of autumn and sunset speak for itself) 🙂

i’m loving this peaceful happy life.

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