Food: Alvarado Mexican Cantina

my flatmate organized a lunch date today and invited me along with her friend. ate becky, the oldest among us, has been here in nz for a while and her husband is a kiwi. meanwhile, aggie my pinay housemate, is like my older sister. i always tag along with her when she goes to the gym because she gives me free passes. of course, who doesn’t want free passes!?

since aggie suggested chinese the first time, she let me decide which cuisine to try this month. i suggested we go for mexican. not that i’m craving for mexican food though. it just so happened that while inside ate becky’s car, i saw a mexican resto and i said “how about mexican?” i’m not yet familiar with the places around chch so i let them decide on where to eat.

we went to alvarado mexican cantina restaurant at their new place at stevens street. after the massive quake in chch, all affected restaurants moved to new places around the city. upon arrival, a friendly staff greeted us and ushered us to the table nearest the fireplace. i forgot to ask where she came from but i assume she’s mexican based from her looks and accent. then while we’re about to leave the restaurant, ate becky said ‘muchas gracias’ and ‘hasta la vista’ and the staff replied in a cool string of spanish and i am ‘the-no-hablo-español’ girl feeling giddy because 1) i met a mexican & 2) i heard someone speak spanish in life. ok. i want to learn spanish and i want to go to mexico, pronto!


mexicanalvarado mexican cantina

i ordered burritos and it has garden salad and fries on the sides. the burritos was ok but nothing special. i think the most delicious burrito i’ve tried was the one in sm megamall foodcourt.


my friends ordered quesadilla and fajitas each.


fajitasfajitas and quesadilla

for dessert, we ordered churros and caramel flan for sharing. the churros would have been better if there’s a dipping bowl for the chocolate. as for the caramel flan, it’s just leche flan.


caramelflanchurros and flan

the place is good too, ambiance is relaxing and everything is colorful. it’s just a bit dark inside probably it’s the lighting. apart from that, everything is ok. if you want a simple, quiet and comfortable place to dine out, this is a nice place to try.




mexicanmexican and colorful

for next month, they want to try japanese.