Random: 10 years and DIY

my husband and i just celebrated our 10th year together and up to this day, i am still wondering how i managed to survive being with him for that long, considering how beautiful i am and i could have attracted other boys with my wit, charm, beauty, brains, body…

ok, enough. of course i’m kidding. :p

see, i really love my husband to the pieces despite him calling me ‘janet’, ‘fungi’, ‘fab’ and any other shit names he can think of. i initially thought that i am the better cook but wait til you see him in the kitchen! he can come up with all these mind blown dishes which by the way, i am really impressed. also, he doesn’t get mad when i don’t buy something at mc donald’s because i AM on a diet but eventually i will finish the fries on his value meal. and for that, my husband is super awesome. 🙂 we didn’t have a fancy celebration for our anniversary. instead, we just had a simple dinner in one of our favorite indian places and ordered our usual favorites – butter chicken, korma, naan and mango lassi. we like indian food so much, we can eat them everyday!

on another note, we just ‘finally’ announced to our families and close friends of our church wedding for next year. we already booked the major requirements so i’m feeling a bit relax now. hopefully, we’ll be able to manage the rest of the preparations since we are very far from home and just mostly rely through emails in my wedding correspondences. to be honest, unlike most bride-to-be’s i consider myself as relax or bridechilla (for now). i’m one lazy bride-to-be who books suppliers right away. if they are good, within our budget and promptly replies, booked!

for 2 consecutive weekends, we went to the city center to look for a place for our prospective photo shoot. we are doing it on our own. i was initially thinking of those graffiti walls as our background because i find them colorful, which is what i want for our photo. we have lots of it here in christchurch so we did not have any problems looking for a place. but as it turned out, my fickle mind was not satisfied with the outcome of the photos (which translates my-belly-is-sticking-out-despite-wearing-black-body-issues), so have to think of something else.


then one day, my husband and i were out to go to a video store and the idea of save-the-date just dawned on me. i was scanning the rows for movies to rent, then i passed by bradley and jennifer’s silver linings playbook dvd and voilà, we have now a movie parody save-the-date! i just love that movie, not to mention i’m also their big fan so i have to bugged my husband to do the photoshop-ing right away.

i’m very happy with the outcome of our 1st diy project. i was in charge of removing the texts and replacing it with our own details. after that, my husband arranged the layout and color adjustments. at some point, i really want to make our save-the-date as close as possible to bradley and jennifer’s and my husband quipped, “para ka namang PM mag utos!!!” haha! ‘developer-pm’ role-playing chenes is the peg.

so here’s our inspiration …


… and our save-the-date invite.

stdsave the date

hopefully, i’ll be able to come up with more diy projects and that the diy gods send their spirits so i won’t feel lazzzzzzy.

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