Random: IT Savvy Planning

waaaaaah! it’s almost december and what does that mean? it means that we have barely 4 months to prepare for the wedding and i’m starting to get nervous because i know how fast the time is once december comes in. i asked my husband, “aren’t you getting nervous, it’s almost 4 months!?” and he said that he’s not nervous and he doesn’t want to think too much about it and he feels very relax. oh well, there’s a running joke that bride does all the planning and execution and all the guy needs to do is show up on the wedding day. haha! 🙂

i am now starting to enjoy this wedding thing, little by little. it was overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of it, you will slowly get in track and enjoy the journey towards the big day. there are days that my ideas don’t coincide with my partner and we sometimes get into disagreements but overall, it’s a happy experience for both of us. i feel happy because i appreciate my husband’s inputs and ideas, regardless of how different they were from mine. 🙂

as both IT professionals, we were also able to utilise our skills and knowledge in the wedding planning. i think every couple has their own way of doing things and i’m pretty sure that what we are doing is not different from the others. but i just want to share some helpful tips, in case you will be planning for your big day soon.

1) use online storage for wedding documents
i used to store my personal documents in Google drive, but my husband suggested we use Dropbox for our wedding related documents. to be honest, i do not know the difference between the two. but knowing my husband who’s more adept and IT savvy (ansaveh?), we switched to Dropbox and created an account for our documents. he setup the account in my laptop and made sure that the documents are shared between us. i use the storage for keeping the contracts, proofs of payment, documented instructions to suppliers, brochures, photo pegs and other wedding documents you can think of. if i made changes to a document or uploaded a new file, the other person will be notified of the changes.

the drive is categorized per supplier. each supplier has their own folder so i can keep track of what documents i sent to and received from them. also, if you want to send a large file, you can just get the link of the file and send that directly to the wedding supplier. i had an experience wherein i was collating ideas for the reception look and i put the pegs, requirements and instructions in one document and uploaded it to Dropbox. i sent the link of the file to the AE because the document is a large 13mb file due to the amount of photos. in a way, it won’t clog her email and will lessen the confusion and spamming of our exchanged emails.

wedstoragefiles storage

2) use of excel wedding budget sheet
my laptop doesn’t come with a free ms office package when we purchased it so i have to ask my IT support/husband to install ms office in it. after installing, i was very happy to see a ‘wedding budget planner’ spreadsheet in the ms excel package. there were plenty of wedding sheets in the internet and my coordinator sent me one as well, but i was not satisfied with any of them. luckily, my new discovery solved all my problems.

using the sheet is very easy. all i need to do is enter the values such as budget, rate per supplier and down payments…and it will automatically compute for the estimated expenses, actual expenses to date and available budget. i customized the sheet to make use of php currency and add extra columns and the sheet is good to go. this is the first time in my life i find Excel very interesting. haha! “oh my gulay, sosobra na tayo sa budget!”

wedsheetwedding budget planner

3) use a photo collage software for pegs and ideas
i recently found out that photo collage softwares are not only for mobile phones but for laptops as well, HAHA (ansaveh inde kasi ako IT savvy)!!! i installed Fotor, a freeware photo editor similar to instagram and picframe combined. using the photos i got from Pinterest, i put them together in a single canvass to lessen the number of files (i was not aware of Pinterest at all until my husband informed me about it!)

wedcollagephoto collage desktop version

4) screenshot and document it like a software tester
my work as a software tester involves lots of documentation, narratives and screenshots in writing test reports. i was able to use this ‘skill’ in our wedding planning. ms word, ms paint, photo collage and cmd+shift+4 are my new best tools. you might ask, why not directly write it in email and attach the photos? there’s nothing wrong with that. i guess i just change my mind too often, so i’d rather change the document many times instead of spamming with emails. this will also lessen the confusion for both sender and recipient.

to get my point across, i documented every thing we need for the wedding (we call it Product Requirements Specification document in our world – haha). let’s try making ‘cake’ as an example and here are the steps.

a) gather sample pegs of your dream wedding cake from Pinterest. collect the photos and save them.
b) if you have decided on a theme and motif for the wedding, make a short list of your cake photos and put them in a photo collage. i’m doing this because i don’t want sending too many photos overwhelming the receiver. imagine receiving 5 photo collage of cake photos or 100 individual cake photos.
c) open a new ms word session and include the necessary details and photos. i used the format below.
d) lastly, save it as PDF and send. i prefer sending emails in PDF, to prevent others from modifying it.

weddocwedding requirements document

i hope you find these things helpful in your future wedding planning. 🙂 the things i mentioned here might be an old trick though from a personal perspective, it really made things easier and less stressful because I was able to track everything during the planning.

happy reading!