Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

this photo was taken during one of the walking trips with my husband here in christchurch. walking tracks are one of the many things i like about new zealand. this country is filled with lots of beautiful scenery. one can spend endless hours walking around, enjoying the sights of hills, sheep and greenery.

one saturday, we went to orthon bradley park and tried one of the tracks which is good for 2-3 hours. the track will lead us to a waterfall, so it’s quite an adventure. 🙂

we chance upon this wooden purple door, seems to be lost amidst the tall trees and weeds. sort of gave me the creeps because i only see this thing in suspense or horror movies. haha! it was like a portal that once you step inside, it will bring you somewhere…maybe like that in narnia. whatever! hehe. 🙂

the door
the door

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