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at the beach

kidding. just missing the sunny weather i guess. while people back in the philippines are parading their bikinis and gym-toned bodies at the beach, here we are back in the “exciting city” of christchurch. haha! as days are getting shorter and winter’s fast approaching, there’s nothing much we can do apart from …

…cleaning the backyard,

autumn means backyard exercise

…playing with Misty, our friendly ‘catpitbahay‘. i don’t like cats that much, but everything changed after i met her. she always wants to go inside our bedroom and sneak under the bed. must be cozy in there.

Misty the “Naughty Cat”
lazy tambays

…and go to the nearest beach for a stroll. we can’t stay that long because it’s freezing outside. there were a handful of surfers at the beach but that’s just it. nobody swims because the water is ice-cold coming all the way from antartica.

beach access
freezing hubby
pacific ocean

wedding is finally over and we survived. yehey! i’ll post some updates next time once i get the official photos. but for now, i just want to relax and enjoy the cooler nights with the husband. 🙂

all smiles despite the freezing wind :-)
all smiles despite the freezing wind 🙂

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