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facebook. yes, i love facebook and i’m a fan. i have to say that i spent many of my precious time gawking at facebook. i open it even before i brush my teeth in the morning, scan my newsfeed throughout the day in the office, and check updates while in bed almost completely forgetting my evening rituals. i love facebook because it makes communication easier for my family and long-lost friends from all parts of the world.

but seriously, there are days that i’m feeling sick of it. especially when i see my news feed filled with nonsense crap from the same people everyday. and since i want to vent out my annoyance to some of these attention grabbing individuals, let me give you a list of my top facebook pet peeves (in random order).

1. public displaying of affection in the form of writing ‘i love you’ and ‘i miss you’ in each other’s walls

first, i’m not bitter nor jealous. i have a loving husband who constantly showers me with love and attention every single day. i just don’t get it when some couples use their fb walls to chat and display their i-love-you’s and i-miss-you’s for the entire world to see. that’s why we have a concept of private messaging in the first place.

PDA. cannot.
PDA. cannot.

2. posting blow-by-blow updates of their life
ok. so i have this childhood friend who is making so much noise in my news feed and i already put her in a hidden list because all i can see are updates from her. she posts every single thing that happens to her life. she always posts photos of her kids showered with hashtags, she talks to someone in her circle and make a status out of it and tag that person, she posts her activities like when she goes to the gym, bringing kids to school, how she aces her grades in school, how good her body is provided she already had kids, her string of dating men, her feelings, her frustrations and many more. basically, her entire life is posted in facebook. well come on girl, can’t you just be quiet for a while? you’re pretty and intelligent but there’s nothing left to our imagination. she was a like a kris aquino! despite not talking to her for ages, i know in my heart what’s going on through her life because she never failed to flood our walls.

who the hell!?
who the hell!?

3. posting selfies
this is another friend, from my childhood circle. she loves to post her selfies and i always get surprise every time it shows up in my news feed. one time i make a fun out of her selfie by taking a screenshot of it and send it to my husband in the middle of the work, “hoy gising gising naman dyan!”. panakot lang alam mo yun. haha! it’s always the same pose and duckface. only the background changes and the filter of instagram she used. what makes it worst is that she puts them altogether in a collage so imagine 8-10 photos of her in various forms! que horror! i could have mistaken that photo collection of hers as an nbi most wanted list poster i saw at the mrt station.

nobody gives an F

4. posting paawa status
“ang lungkot huhuhu”, ”bakit ganun? huhuhu”, ”ang sakit sakit huhuhu”, “ang dami kong gutom huhuhu” makes me huhuhu. :'(((

huhuhu :'(
huhuhu 😥

5. fighting in PUBLIC
it’s disturbing to see some people fight with someone in PUBLIC, very immature! especially when that person is posting curses and bad words in ALL CAPS. i feel somehow reading the post is directed to me. you’re in a good mood and all of a sudden you will see a post “T@NG-IN@ MO KANG BABAE KA!”. ang harsh no? personally, ang boring kaya makipag away sa fb, masarap kaya sumugod. hahaha!

pushcart mo yan

6. posting bible quotes and praying in public status
ok. i may get a flak for even mentioning this but is it just me or it’s really ‘weird’ when someone post too much bible quotes in facebook? or those people posting personal prayers as a status? i personally think that prayer is something sacred and personal and not something to be shared with people who don’t even care in the first place. i have one fb ‘friend’ who just post a lengthy prayer and i was like ‘girl seriously, innermost feelings mo kelangan talaga naka broadcast?’ in facebook really?


7. checking-in at their own houses and churches
to be specific, those checking-in at their own homes stating the address, “x just check in at blk 14344.” seriously, why post your personal details in facebook? puntahan ka namin sa pasko sige ka, lol! that’s also the reason i stopped using four square because it’s tempting sometimes. i have this ‘friend’ who checks in by the time she leaves the house, arriving to work, where they ate lunch out, even conference rooms during a meeting and this was for everyday. and to be honest, i find it ‘phony’ when people go to mass and announcing it in facebook.


8. flashing luxuries in life
buying a new house, car, designer items and many more are considered major milestones in life and it’s just normal for one to get excited. and as usual, the first instinct is to post it on facebook and add a ‘feeling blessed’ to it. it actually works 2 ways — those who are not as blessed will be ‘feeling sad’ and those who can afford and richer are just laughing. buying a new hermes bag and uploading it with a ‘thank you Lord for the blessing!’ is annoying. period. one of the lessons i learned from my husband is never to announce the things we buy for ourselves and the gifts we give to each other because he just felt that some people are not as blessed and just being sensitive to other people’s feelings.

hi fans!
hi fans!

9. posting photos with sugat, sore eyes, skin disease, kati kati
it’s disgusting. i was eating lunch one time when i saw a post from a friend which really made me lost my appetite. the care bears do not care if you post photos of your bloody red eyes, pantal, kamot and any skin disease kasi nakakadiri. i seriously want to reply, ‘check mo kaya hygiene mo, baka madumi ang dugo mo?’

have a life and take your meds
have a life and take your meds

10. DAILY baby photos
i have to add the DAILY because i don’t want to sound like a total asshole but that’s how i am sometimes. lol joke. see, i’m now in my baby-bearing age and my fb wall is filled with adorable baby photos from my friends. the kids are very cute indeed and i just want to pinch them til they cry. haha. at first i find it very amusing because how come you won’t love these kids? but once my mother friends starts uploading DAILY photos (sometimes they do it every hour) of their kids eating, sleeping, taking a bath, lots of drool and with messy mouth, nakakasawa na. some are not even satisfied and will upload 20 photos of their babies in all the same expression. how about moderation?

me: beh, nakakasawa na yung facebook ko. araw araw na lang nag a upload yung mga nanay ng picture ng anak nila.
hubby: eh ganun talaga natutuwa sila sa anak nila kasi cute. wala kang magagawa dun. si ___ din naman nag a upload ng picture ah.
me: onga beh, eh pano naman yung iba? kelangan ba talaga araw araw? si ___ naman minsan ko lang nakikita yun anak nya. yung iba kasi araw araw, hinde naman cute pag lumalaki.
hubby: uy wag ka ganyan… 

(and so masesermunan pa ako – haha)


11. “may-pinaglalaban-ako” kinds of status
i have this friend, a very active gay advocate. he is so active that he always has a say to anything and everything. laging galit pa. he has opinions and comments from the most mundane things up to the most current event news. from traffic, overpopulation, china-vietnam row, legalising gay marriage in ph, traffic in edsa, pdaf, jay z versus solange elevator row, anti-gays in russia, ‘what xmen character are you’, ‘what frozen character are you’ (by the way he’s elsa – cooooool) and many more! grabe lungs sa dami ng pinaglalaban, sana dun na lang sya sa edsa shrine mag-ingay.

ano pinaglalaban mo?
ano pinaglalaban mo?

of course not all my friends are like that. these are the special cases. lol. so remember, post moderately because at the end of the day, nobody really cares. 🙂

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  1. Nice one, Kimmie. Medyo nagsasawa na rin ako sa FB kasi nakakaumay makakita ng OOTD at selfies to think na 980 na pala FB friends ko. Ermeyged!


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