Travel: Orana Wildlife Park

last sunday, my husband and i finally convinced ourselves to go out on a date. it’s not that we always have a good weather so better make the most out of it. after all, it’s another long weekend. the whole new zealand must have gone bananas planning their out-of-town trips while here we are, too lazy to move our fat ass. lol.

aside from that, i have a long list of things to do which includes laundry, change bedding, general house cleaning, ironing the clothes, cleaning the fridge and cook. but i finished my tasks ahead of time so i spent the rest of the day glued to the television and watch poor deer being chased by not one but three different kinds of animals in national geographic.

i wish someday i can go to africa and see a real life safari. i’m not scared to be eaten by lions because i’m pretty sure they won’t like me because i’m an unhealthy victim (“hello, don’t eat me ok? see i’m no lean meat! all i have is junk and fats in my body so eat at your own risk!!!“). the thought of seeing lions and elephants in the wild excites me more than window shopping in the streets of new york.

now i suddenly remember, we have a zoo here in christchurch isn’t it? shocks, na excite ako! so i hurriedly asked my husband if he’s game to go to the zoo and to cut the story short, we’re going to orana wildlife park. yeheheyz! basta biglaan natutuloy. we arrived half past 12 and bought tickets at the reception. they have an ongoing promo that is if you buy a pass for the price of two, you can have endless visits to the park for a year. of course, we both wanted to buy that but $56 x 2 is costly.

entrance signages
entrance signage

first animal we saw is the meerkat. they like to stand a lot. i want to bring one at home and see how Misty will react to it. haha!


next, we passed by the otters area. i was searching for them in the wading pool but instead, found them at the back, ‘aren’t you supposed to be swimming in there and entertaining us?’


the highlight of our trip is dropping by the animal feeding areas. first stop is the african lion habitat area, where we can closely watch the lion encounter. for an extra $35, you will have the ultimate safari experience, riding the tightly enclosed van and feed the lions just like those you see in the television. it’s still expensive so we just opted to watch from the outside. not too bad, because the van goes around the area giving the people from outside the chance to have a closer look at the lions.

second stop is the giraffe area. the zoo attendant will give a small branch with leaves to each person in the queue to feed to the giraffe. unfortunately, they run out of stock when it’s already my turn so i’ve decided to just take some photos. it was an enjoyable experience because i’ve never been this close to a giraffe in my life. i noticed that giraffes have long eye lashes, so pretty!

third and last stop is the rhino feeding time. before approaching the rhinos, they were given a stack of hay or dried grass to eat then all of us will go to the opposite side of the fence to watch. i learned that their horns are made from pure keratin, the same compound we find in our nails and hair. for added awareness, we should not buy horns or any materials made from animals which claims to cure sickness or to make bags and fur because animals should be left in the wild to live. i strongly support not buying fur or any goods that will endanger the lives of these nearly endangered animals.

but my most favorite is the farmyard experience. kids will surely love here because they can approach the sheep and cattle and have some photos. they have got nothing else to do other than to sleep and eat!

on the contrary, this siamang gibbon is kept inside a house because of its aggressive behavior. the zoo keeper told us not to make fun of the monkey because they don’t like eye contact and seeing people laugh at them only aggravates their behavior. from the outside, i could hear the monkey loudly banging on the windows and stomping wildly which is quite scary. i could imagine myself like that if i’m very hungry. lol.

aggressive and dislikes eye contact
aggressive and dislikes eye contact

apart from the above mentioned animals, i also saw other animals such as zebra, cheetah, ostrich, highland cattle, alpacas and llama. there are also some reptiles enclosed in glass aquariums such as the gecko which is a type of lizard.

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it was a short visit but i’ll definitely go back. i very much enjoyed the trip because it’s educational and money well spent. unlike the other zoos i visited, here you can go very near the animals without being harmed. usually in other zoos, you will just look at the glass windows and cages and that’s it. somehow, i empathize with the animals being trapped inside with not much space to roam around. the orana wildlife park is huge and i can see that all the animals are very well taken care of. i’d rather see healthy, well fed animals than all skins and bones compared to other zoos.

animals bite, if provoked.
animals bite when provoked

i feel happy visiting a zoo again. it makes me nostalgic remembering the field trip adventures with my friends not too many years ago. i promised to go back here soon and avail my one year membership. hehehe! 😉

wildest of them all, lol!
wildest of them all! lol

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  1. Hahaha! Nakakatawa yung wildest of them all. Nice pics you got. Super laid back na kayo dyan ah. You would never want to go back to the city any more, right?


    1. kamusta naman itong petiks ako may time pa mag reply. haha! oo ayaw na namin sa city. actually nasa city pa din naman na kami pero super laid back city so meant to be na kami dito. di na namin maimagine bumalik sa may mga sky scrapers at traffic city. hahaha hashtagGettingOld


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