6 weeks: Think Positive

i am pregnant.

i learned this few weeks ago out of curiosity when after i missed my period for few days, i bought packs of pregnancy test kits at the mall and tried them all in the office. positive. to convince myself i am not hallucinating, i took the test again the following morning upon waking up and saw the same result, big fat positive. then i went to the gp to officially confirm the result (because husband is only 99.9% convinced) and there, i was greeted with my first ‘congratulations’. it’s only been 6 weeks and so far, only a very few knows about my pregnancy – our families, couple of people at work (because i’ve been feeling sick for some days) and you. yeah, we haven’t made formal announcements yet because i want to see the scans first and hear the baby’s heart beat before fully celebrating. not that i’m being negative, it’s just that it’s kind of hard to announce then suddenly you may have to retract it if things did not go as planned (keeping my fingers crossed).

we’ve been trying for a couple of months and the first time i got delayed and only to find out that i had the period the following day, i have to admit that i felt sad for a while. that day on, i told myself not to expect and things will come at the right time. the sadness did not prolong because i always keep in my heart that god’s timing is always perfect based on my personal experience. he never failed me on this.

what a perfect surprise for my upcoming 30th birthday. 🙂 i was telling my husband before that if by july comes and i’m still not pregnant, i will skydive again to mark my big 3-0. of course, you gotta enjoy life while you’re still in the calendar. haha! but i guess the lord has other plans and i have to take care of myself more now and forget about my carefree life.

i am praying and wishing for a very safe pregnancy and healthy baby. i am anxious and excited at the same time. i’m still waiting for my 1st ultrasound in the next couple of weeks because by then, baby will be very visible. i honestly do not know what’s going on inside my body and it makes me paranoid at times. is the baby growing? is it forming properly, etc? but there’s nothing much i can do except eat healthy, rest and relax. god’s will is god’s will, period! so far, morning sickness is not too bad. i’m feeling well most days and nausea/vomit only happened thrice. i stopped eating sushi (huhu) which is the major thing i have to quit for now.

so, i won’t be flooding social media with my pregnancy stories. perhaps, i will post occasional updates but the rest of my pregnancy stories will mostly be documented here. 🙂 i seem to be slowly gaining weight now and i just wish that i won’t get too hippo to the point of not controlling the weight anymore!

that’s all for now. i now miss baking. see, pregnancy comes with constant tiredness and laziness thus the absence of posts.  hehe! but don’t worry, i’ll be back soon. i’m so thankful to husband because aside from helping me with the household chores, he often brings me more food! hehehe! *evil laugh*

to my friends reading this, please kindly include me, tiny baby and husband in your prayers (and let’s keep this tiny secret for now). 🙂

think positive!
think positive!

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