Random: B&B Wedding Day Featured

sleepy and scrolling my phone in the midst of creating ‘boring‘ test cases, suddenly alert me back to my senses when i saw our wedding photos featured in Bride and Breakfast. it’s a philippine based wedding blog catered to inspire couples especially bride-to-be’s in their wedding planning. i’m subscribed to their blog ever since, wishfully thinking that someday my dream wedding will become a reality.

it’s been 3 months (going on 4) since our wedding day and up to this day, i still can’t forget that special day that i will marry (again) my logic 101 seatmate whom then will become my husband. it was a long journey for us. sweet days then happy days then turned challenging on the latter years. but then eventually we survived. it’s true that, “you have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.” how rewarding!

i was planning to do a blog entry about our wedding – from preparation, actual day and up to the supplier reviews but then laziness get back to me. and i’m not changing my mind about being lazy so here’s the link of our memorable wedding day (note: thank you bride and breakfast team for the lovely feature. very timely for a tbt!). 🙂

seatmates turned lovers
my logic 101 seat mate turned husband 🙂 (photo by Manny and April Photography)


wedding bits trivia:

– wedding preparation run for 10 months

– i first considered filipiniana as our wedding theme then change to a rustic backyard theme.

– my top wedding mandatories are 1) it should be outdoor and 2) backyard style

– our only wedding non-negotiable is the caterer; rest are budget dependent.

– musician and florist are local sourced thus saving us a couple of bucks.

– weekday and out-of-town wedding definitely save us extra bucks thus enabling us to upgrade on food and styling.

– husband chose the entrance/first dance song ‘Get Lucky’ because slow dance is too mushy for our standards and we thought of doing it soul train style. come wedding day, dance is impromptu because we did not practice. hehe.

– husband draw our caricature which we used for the photobooth layout and guest well wishers note cards.

– i used flats from start to finish of the wedding day (did not use the wedges in the photo at all) because my favorite Sanuk pair retired after 5 years and i have an excuse to replace it with TOMS which I can use for more years. 🙂