11 weeks: First Timers

as of this writing, i’m now on my 11th week and 5 days in my pregnancy. 🙂 how time flies since my last pregnancy post which was on the 6th week. there seems to be quite a few changes happening in my body as well as my lifestyle.

body changes

last time i checked, i weighed 64 kg and i haven’t bothered checking again from then because i’m scared of reality that i might have reached 70 kg now that first trimester is about to end. i read somewhere that gaining 2-4 kg or 8 lbs during the 1st trimester is normal but still…i’m scared! i’m wondering how some women still maintain to be in shape with only their stomach expanding but in my case, everything is growing big – from face, hips, thighs and stomach!


also, i am now more comfortable wearing loose pants instead of jeans. well, ALL of my jeans no longer fit so buying a bunch of harem pants at kmart saved my life. my last slacks standing couldn’t be zipped up too so wearing them at work with the zipper all the way down is a clear sign that i am getting big.


and i’m so happy that in my 30 years of existence, it’s still possible to achieve bigger boobs. every time i look at it, feels like magic! haha.


lifestyle changes

perhaps, i’m one of the few lucky women who doesn’t experience very bad morning sickness. the only time i felt like a total crap was on my 6th week when i had occasional nausea and vomiting. i have to blame the overeating for that because as it turned out, my body could no longer accept big meals unlike before. but now, my energy is back and i’m as healthy as a horse. 🙂

sleeping early is now my daily habit. this i think is my most obvious pregnancy symptom. i remember when i still do not know that i am pregnant and i’m starting to miss the evening chats with my father because i go to bed too early and he said that he had a gut feeling that i am pregnant. hehe!


from time to time, i have different food cravings and sometimes i feel sad if they are not available. few times, i was able to resolve my cravings by cooking the food on my own (thanks to panlasangpinoy and the internet). i’m behave and do not ask my husband to find a mango for me during 3 am. hehe, nothing like that. my cravings can be a part of how i missed singapore and manila and the range of food available there.


list of food cravings in random order:

  1. bbq indonesian chicken with curry sauce and egg toppings in plaza singapura – (status: FAILED. cannot find anywhere. i think nothing beats the bbq indonesian chicken in plaza sing!)
  2. chicken rice – (status: SUCCESS. i found a chinese/malaysian eatery somewhere. not as good as the one in singapore but it’s better than nothing.)
  3. pinoy chicken curry – (status: SUCCESS. i was able to find the curry powder i need in an asian store and cooked my food. our ulam for 4 days. hehehe!)
  4. pork chop steak with red onions as toppings – (status: FAILED. my husband burnt the pork chops we bought last time so he had to cook one for me.)
  5. fried fish with sawsawan – (status: SUCCESS. despite not having galunggong and tilapia here in new zealand, i was able to find mackerels and make use of that as a work around. it’s been a while since i last ate fried fish with toyo/suka/bawang/sili sawsawan. aaaaggghhh).

i have no food aversions nor hate any scents. in fact, i like all the food i see. hahaha!

ultrasound scan

on my 9th week, i had my first ultrasound scan. it’s a dating scan to check accurately the baby’s presence, size and estimated due date. my computation and the sonographer’s findings were a close match and my estimated due will be on the 25th of february next year. as first time parents, we were very excited for this experience because we will finally be able to see the baby’s presence. the feeling is surreal. despite not feeling anything from the outside, there is definitely someone growing inside very fast. then we finally saw the baby, its small heart beating rapidly in the black and white screen. at 9 weeks, ‘it’ measures 24mm and perhaps a size of a bean. the happiness i felt seeing the baby with a heart beat gave me a huge sigh of relief, ending my doubts of whether i had a silent miscarriage, no baby, etc. looking at the monitor screen together with my husband is one of my most memorable days. i was teary eyed during the ultrasound session, unlike my wedding day. lol.

on my 12th week next week, we will have a meeting with the midwife and this time, she will check the baby’s heart beat using a doppler device. i only saw the baby’s heart beat last time but did not hear the sound so i guess this will be another experience for us. keeping my fingers crossed that baby is still hanging on since the last ultrasound, rest assured that chances of miscarriage will be very low. i’m finally graduating from first trimester, yyyeeesszzzz!

i still don’t have a temporary baby name for our bub unlike most pregnant mothers i know. i need to come up with something so i won’t call him/her ‘kuwan‘ and ‘ano‘. LOL! wawa naman si bebe noh!

and so here’s our ‘Baby Putona busog sa aming love (and $25 worth of puto). 🙂

My Baby Puto =)


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