14 Weeks: Mini Milestones

today marks my 14th week of pregnancy and officially in 2nd trimester. things are starting to get back to normal and my energy is up and running (well except for occasional sleepiness, but i guess it’s just the cold weather). few more days left before spring comes, yey! ayoko na sa malamig! (-_-‘)

anyway, not much updates from me. the next midwife visit won’t be until the next 2 weeks so here goes the waiting game again. if there’s one thing that pregnancy has taught me, that is to wait PATIENTLY. patience is a virtue, i don’t have. but then here i am expecting for something wonderful, so somehow i learned to be more relax and come to terms with my inner peace. i am looking forward to the next prenatal visit as we are about to finally hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time. i know it’s a bit late compared to some of my friends but that’s how they do things here. they don’t recommend me to have frequent ultrasound scans unless i’m in a high risk pregnancy. also, they’re more of doing the natural approach than the medical way of doing things. as my midwife says, “let the baby grow and we will deal with it”. my other mother friends told me that they have their monthly scans but here i am just waiting for things to happen and see my tummy growing slowly. so, keep calm and relax lang everyday!

while waiting, i set some small milestones to do so i won’t be too haggard by the time third trimester comes.

  1. have booked for a special tour in my preferred maternity center – done. my midwife recommended one nice hospital which i can consider for my delivery. there are also good reviews in the internet for that hospital about its good facilities and nice ambiance (hotel like rooms, omg. i don’t mind producing that many kids then – hahaha joke) so i hope and keeping my fingers crossed that i will have a normally delivery.

2. booked antenatal classes – done. i don’t have a clue with antenatal classes and my husband even suggested for us to attend one. brownie points for the husband for awareness! lol. we are scheduled around november to december which will run on thursday for 6 weeks. very excited for that day because me and husband will be classmates again. i am lousy absorbing valuable information so good thing that my husband is coming with me to do some notes while i relax. hehe.

3. planning maternity leaves – in progress. i am supposed to file my maternity leave 3 months before my planned maternity start date. i am still considering if i’ll be taking 1 week or 2 weeks off before my estimated delivery date. i can’t imagine my water bag breaking inside a meeting room and my colleagues may have to carry me to bring me to hospital. que horror! now that baby is coming, financial resources are very important to us. here in new zealand, mother’s are allowed up to 14 weeks of leave. though it’s company unpaid, i am still entitled to apply for the paid parental leave provided by the government. now, i learned to appreciate the taxes deducted from me, because i’m reaping the benefits from time to time like free healthcare, free maternal delivery, free antenatal classes and many more. how i wish it’s the same in the philippines.

4. buying baby stuff – not yet. we are awaiting for the best time to buy stuff, which is on the 7th month. maybe some good souls will send us prams, car seats, baby clothes and nappies and we don’t have to buy anymore. hahaha! but yeah, i’m waiting for the baby’s gender and a go signal that everything is ok and no problems with the baby before i buy a bunch of stuff.

we are excited and nervous expectant parents at the same time. sometimes when i’m in the middle of my daydreaming, i am thinking if i will be a good parent to my child. surely i know my husband will be a good father, but not sure about myself. i am just telling my husband that if by the time comes and we need to teach our child some math, he will be in charge. for english, hahaha. i don’t know! i’ll probably tell my child, “go to your dad”. HAHA!

well i just wish that even if my child is not as promil-kid smart like i see in the television, i am really praying that s/he will grow up to be a good kind-hearted person with values. i think that’s what matters most to me. i hope and pray that me and husband will turn out to be good role models for our child. 😉