Random: Ice Bucket Challenge – Bakit?

today, i got my first nomination for the ice bucket challenge.

i was more annoyed than excited in receiving the nomination. not that i get a lot of nominations though. in fact, i was nominated only once…and vow not to be nominated again. let this be a warning to those who are planning to nominate me – haha. i just wish these people doing the challenges and nominations really know what the cause is all about and not just doing it for the sake of having to post something in facebook ‘because-i’m-a-cool-person’ or nakikiuso lang. and i really really wish that they DONATED money to ALS after they posted their videos in facebook, that would be more appreciated. seriously, do we need to have a gimik or fads for charity’s sake? if someone nominates me to jump over a cliff for X awareness, hello? yes, stupid awareness. 😐

here are the reasons why i’m not doing the ice bucket challenge. baket!? sorry but not sorry for not doing it.

  • it’s still winter in new zealand and i don’t want to dump ice-cold water to myself in this single digit/negative weather!


  • i don’t like cold objects – stepping on to cold floor; touching cold doorknob and water faucet, lying in cold bed, wearing cold clothes due to the lack of sunlight for drying clothes.
  • i don’t look like a celebrity and i just feel that i’m not like kathniel, robin-mariel, zanjoe-bea, luis-angel and anne curtis who did the ice bucket challenge and still manage to look good even drenched.


  • i’m not a fan of wasting resources especially water. i remember those days when we don’t have access to a good water system in our subdivision at tandang sora and we buy 6 drums of water a week which costs 25php/drum. do the math, that’s 150/wk and do the math again that’s 600/month. when we moved to a new house and have a decent water connection from maynilad, we only pay 100-200/month and that is unlimited. i also experienced using the water used from the laundry and water from washing the dishes to flush our toilet, because we don’t have a functioning water sewerage system. so water waste is just NO!
  • water shortage awareness. aside from africa, there are other places in the world experiencing shortage of water. how about the slums and poor provinces in the philippines and other third world countries? even rich countries were not spared. forest fires in california and farm drought in new zealand definitely needs water.
  • and most of all…i’m a cold-hearted, killjoy, no-fun person and i just don’t feel posting a video of myself to look “cool” (i’d rather donate).


for the love of god…AND water, please do not nominate me to do the challenge (because the cold bother me anyway). 😡

i hope this post may not perceive me to be an evil person, ok? i just hate fads, trends and if everyone’s doing it, i’m more likely not to do it. it’s ok to donate though. just make sure you know the cause and what you are really donating for. i’ve been supporting World Vision and Kiva ever since and still happy to support up to this date.