16 Weeks: Spell B-I-G

it’s officially 16 weeks (and 6 days today). finally, bump is slowly showing! people are now slowly noticing it and i’m loving the perks that comes with it. hehehe! few weeks ago, a man at the mall gave up his seat when he saw me walking towards him and there’s no vacant seat beside him. also, some colleagues at work are nice enough to let me pass through walk ways when they see me walking around with a laptop. luhvet! ❤ also, we finally hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time and confirmed ‘Puto’ is happy disco clubbing inside the tummy. tugs tugs tugs.

if you are curious as to how i look like now, this is me at 16 weeks (barely 4 months).


big braso ✓ big nose ✓ big cheeks ✓ big boobs ✓ big tummy ✓ big bilbil ✓ big pata ✓

the photo is screaming BIG. instead of looking young and feeling young like gretchen b, i’m looking big and feeling big like claudine b!!! que horror. i’m not even half way through the pregnancy so just imagine that i will still get bigger than this. also, weird things are starting to happen. my neck, nape, groin and underarms are getting dark. as in ‘makulimlim na may namumuong sama ng panahon‘ darkness. juice colored. why is miranda kerr so pretty when she got pregnant? wwwhhhhyyy? i always tell Puto during our silent 1-1 moments, “huy bibi, sana lumaki kang cute dyan sa loob ha…kasi onte onte na nawawala ang ganda ni mommy…” despite the change of look, i’m still happy. tiis ganda na lang muna until baby comes out! 🙂

there are days that when i look at myself in the mirror, all i can say is “beh, ang pangit pangit ko na!” it’s quite depressing looking at my old self. what a difference a year can make. i always ask my husband “beh, pag pumangit ba ako at tumaba iiwan mo na ako?” it’s because i was very different when he saw me 11 years ago and he just tells me, “bakit kita iiwan eh nakakatamad lumabas? masarap matulog dito sa bahay.”

oo nga naman. malamig nga kasi sa labasssss!

kidding aside, i’m very thankful to the husband for his love and support during this pregnancy period. i never had a hard time asking him for favor when i’m not functioning at home. husband can cook, can vacuum, can clean toilet and offers to give extra pillows when i’m having a hard time moving around in bed. thank you my labs…mwahugs tsup tsup!!!

in the next 3 weeks, we will have the next ultrasound to check if baby’s growing normally. if baby is not too shy, we might be able to find out the gender too. exciting! we can finally start buying stuff and think of names.

[speaking of baby names]
me: be, pag nalaman na natin ang gender pwede na natin pag botohan ang pangalan.
d: pag botohan!? maniwala ako sayo. may bahid ka ng corruption!
me: [hahaha] wala no. pag hindi ka agree hindi natin pipiliin. gagawa tayo ng voting scheme mag ta tally tayo ng mga balota!
d: ewan ko sayo. voting scheme mo mukha mo. baka ang mga balota may pangalan na.
me: [hahaha]

2 thoughts on “16 Weeks: Spell B-I-G”

  1. Ang laki na ni baby Puto!!! So excited na din to know the gender. Wag masyadong mainsecure, keribels lang yan. Laughtrip ang voting scheme nyo. Natawa talaga ako! :p

    Praying that you and baby Puto is healthy. Pati na din si Papa Dar at kailngn nyang gawin mga utos mo. Haha!


    1. haha! Thank you very much Kath! By the way, read your blog. Thanks sa pag remind sa akin na Spring na at may cherry blossoms na! hehehe. 😉


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