Book: The Fault in Our Stars

finally, i finished reading the book, ‘the fault in our stars’. i tried my best to speed up my reading because the book is already past its due date and i was supposed to return it last month.

the fault with the fault in our stars
the fault with the fault in our stars

obviously, it took me a while to finish it because 1) i’m workaholic busy 2) i’m wifey busy and most of all (the most truthful reason) 3) it simply did not catch my attention for me to sneak some reading time in between my busy life.

i was slightly disappointed about the book because i had lots of expectations, especially when everyone’s raving about it. there’s at least one person in my facebook or instagram feed, who posted a photo of the book and saying how excited they were that they finally got their hands on the book.

so there, i was enticed to read it to satisfy my curiosity on what the hype is all about.

the book is always unavailable in the library so i place a reservation which cost me $2 bucks. thinking about it, it’s better that i wasted $2 than buying a brand new copy which costs maybe around $20 bucks.

i will not make this post a lengthy one because i’ve got nothing better to say about the book. it’s so-so for me. it’s good in a sense that you can read it as a past time, like those magazines you see in the salon or dental clinic but you can also leave it there once you’re done with the appointment. it did not leave a lasting impression perhaps because the book is for teenagers and since i’m in my thirties, how come i’m still reading young adult books!? i thought it’s a tear-jerker book but how come i did not shed a single tear. is there something wrong with me? wala ba akong feelings?

***note: this is my opinion. if you come across this blog and you happen to like the book, then good for you. 😉