Book: December Reads

as the year nearly comes to an end, i was thinking if i fulfilled one of my last new year’s resolution – that is to read at least two books per month. i am pretty sure that i did not meet the goal since i was busy during the first half of the year with the wedding preparation then after that, i slacked off. it was only recently that i got back on track and started reading books again. i just want to cherish the few remaining free months as i don’t think i will have the luxury again once the baby comes out. 

for this month, i would like to share the books that i have finished reading, my current reading and about to read. i hope to be able to get good recommendations from you or anyone out there who also shares the same passion in reading books. 🙂

finished read

the perks of being a wallflower
the perks of being a wallflower
  • title: the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky 
  • genre: fiction/young adult
  • fave quote: “it’s much easier not to know things sometimes.”

i already saw the movie before i even read the book, so i have more or less of an idea what the book is all about. it’s a book for young adults which contain topics on family drama, relationship, drugs and sexuality. it’s a good book, way better and serious than the flirty tfios (i don’t really like that book to be honest) so it’s not hard to finish at all.

current read

and the mountains echoed
and the mountains echoed
  • title: and the mountains echoed by khaled hosseini
  • genre: fiction/drama/historical

i like the two books written by khaled hosseini which are the kite runner and a thousand splendid sunsso i searched for any other books that he had written thus i learned about this book. though his books are all heavy drama in nature, i like them because they mostly depict the reality of life in afghanistan and that i get to learn the culture of the country. also, the kite runner, was made into a film and i like it. i guess i’m into drama stories after all. 

i’m still in the first few chapters but have noticed that it was written differently compared to his first two books. i hope to finish it soon as the library’s due date is fast approaching!

next to read

franny and zoey
franny and zoey
  • title: franny and zoe by j.d salinger
  • genre: fiction/short story/novel

this is next on my list to read. i randomly saw it in the library and pick it up right away because it’s another j.d salinger book and he’s one of my favorite because of the catcher in the rye. looks exciting just by skimming the pages. 🙂