Random: Hairvolution

since today is thursday and that i’m at the peak of my boredom waiting for this baby to come out, i rummage through my hard disk sifting old photos which are worthy enough for a #tbt blog post. 🙂

and it’s timely too that i just had my hair cut recently. so now, i’ll be sharing the different hairstyles i sported throughout the years – from high school, college, corporate life and up to the present. looking at my old photos brings a sense of nostalgia and at the same time, evoked pleasant memories that i was once beautiful, fit and healthy. hahaha! at this stage of pregnancy, i must have reach my heaviest EVER and i’m trying my best to divert my attention to something else apart from focusing on the weight gain. it’s kinda depressing to look and feel like an elephant, to be honest. but this too shall pass (keeping my fingers and toes crossed). 😉

i think i’ve already tried almost everything with my hair.

here’s for the short layered ones, which is the most common style i had when i was in high school and college. they are easy to maintain and i’m unaware of having a long hair because i’m focus with my studies and not making pa-cute to anybody else. wahaha!

"the short layered hair"
“the short layered hair”

then there’s the shoulder length ones, which i think were mostly out of my decision to bring something new or after going through some personal issues aka “may pinagdaanan“. lol!

"the medium length hair"
“the medium length hair”

then there’s the long straight hair, which i had for the majority of my last 5 years. it makes me look very feminine plus a bonus of being in a happy relationship so “feeling mo ang ganda mo lang“. literally speaking, “ang haba ng hurlalooo ko!

"the straight long hair"
“the straight long hair”

i was born with natural straight locks so there are times that i feel bored with it. a work around for that is to have my hair permed! the curls gave me an excuse not to comb it the whole day thus saving me some precious time. the only downside of having a permed hair is that it easily gets dry and frizzy, making it hard to comb especially if it’s been there for a while. i must have broken a lot of brushes and combs when i still had my long curly hair.

the curly long hair
“the curly long hair”

and since wedding stage is over and the baby’s coming out soon and i’ve been wanting to cut my hair really really short, i’m back to my shortest hair since high school days. hello pixie!

back to basics
“the jlaw slash nora aunor slash bieber inspired hair”

it’s the no frills, easy to maintain, wash and wear kind of hair. it will now save me a few dollars for the shampoo and also preparing for motherhood. 🙂

i don’t know if this kind of hair suits me well but i’m comfortable with it so i’m fine with it. i’m not sure if the husband likes it as he used to tease me that i look “bading” with the short hair. oh well, sorry darling…get used to it. hehe! i’m not bothered anyway because time just passes by and they will grow eventually. sabi nga ni ateng Coco Chanel…”a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life“. haha! arte lang!

how about you, what’s your preferred look?

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