38 Weeks: My Birth Story

it’s been two weeks since i gave birth to my precious little wee boy and up to this day, everything is still fresh from my memory. i couldn’t believe that i just delivered a human being! it was a traumatic and exhausting 14 hours of labor. nevertheless, the pain is all worth it the moment i saw my cute baby. 🙂

i knew ahead of time that i’m going to be early induce to labour due to my gestational diabetes. gestational diabetes is a temporary diabetes for pregnant women and in my case, the baby grows faster inside because all the sugar that i ate will be pass on to him. my midwife and ob-gyne scheduled me on the 12th of february since they don’t schedule induce labour on weekends (thus no valentines baby for me) and my baby’s estimated weight inside is already 8 lbs at 38 weeks. just imagine if he reaches the full term at 40 weeks!

the day

on the twelfth of february, husband and i drove to the hospital. we arrived at 8 am and immediately went to the maternity ward to check-in. later on, my midwife arrived and after that the team of ob-g and other midwives also arrived in my birthing room.

birthing room
birthing room
before the storm (haha)
before the storm (haha)

we started official business at 9-ish morning. the ob-g started to rupture the membrane and so all the water came out gushing under me while i lie on the bed. few hours later, i was given a drip inserted through my hands like a dextrose, that will start the contractions. the amount of drug will be increase until the painful contractions occur.

when the drug started to take effect, i experienced the most excruciating pain in my entire life. it was a thousand or if not a million times painful than the usual dysmenorrhea. at first, i still manage to talk and smile but as i progress with the labour, little by little i could no longer talk and this happened for seven hours. seven unforgettable hours of my existence!

my midwife instructed that i should start pushing at 6 pm and they gave me at least two hours for this. one of the best things here in new zealand, is that they will encourage you to have a natural vaginal birth first and won’t schedule you for a c-sec unlike in the philippines or other asian countries. despite having a good size baby, i was told that we will aim for a natural birth unless things go other ways and i need to have a c-sec operation.

i was pushing for two hours and did my very best giving my full energy, effort and dedication to deliver the baby naturally, but there were no signs of baby coming out. so my midwife and the birth team assessed my condition and they explained to me that despite being in a fully dilated state, the baby is not fully engage downwards and his head seem not to fit my pelvic area. i was just pushing and pushing all along but baby’s head and skull was stuck down there.

at around 8 to 9 pm, the verdict was given. i will have to undergo the emergency c-section. the doctors were apologising, sorry that we have to end that way. i was a bit disappointed but not in a depressing kind of way. i was very tired and hungry as my last meal was during breakfast so all i wanted that time was to deliver the baby, regardless of the method. at the back of my mind, “ok hiwain nyo na ako, pagod na pagod na ako.”

at 10 pm, i was brought to the “theater” or the operating room. i am too exhausted to remember the smallest details of what happened inside the operating room. i was given more dosage of the epidural to make my lower body numb from the pain. the epidural make me felt a ton heavier with my legs feeling like jelly. i also started to feel sick and wanting to throw up then suddenly started to chill and shiver, one of the side effects of the anaesthesia.

i didn’t feel anything when they cut me open and so is my emotion. exhaustion, hunger and sickness put me on a blank state. few minutes after, i heard the baby cry and my husband beside me said, “ang laki. ang daming buhok!” haha! seeing my husband almost teary-eyed, i thought “sa wakas natapos din.”

at exactly 11:31 pm (almost close to midnight and good thing we finished within the day), i gave birth to my cute baby boy of 8.4 lbs. despite the slightly traumatic and not so glamorous labour experience, i would say that this day is the most unforgettable and happiest day of my life. 😉

big baby
he’s finally here
welcome to the world
biggie baby boy
proud parents
… and we are now 3! 🙂
welcome to the world
welcome to the world baby

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  1. Mother!!! Congratulations!!! Ang galing mo!!! Grabe, naiiyak ako habang binabasa ‘to! 😥 Pero tawang tawa ako sa unang nasabi ng Darwin paglabas ng baby! :)) Hello baby Nathan (di ka na puto), hope to meet you soon big boy! xx


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